On the Net, space and time expand. The convergence of technology, neurology and everyday life is generating a new type of "Cyborg", a symbiosis between man and his technological environment.
Internet does not replace the existing networks. It assimilates them. It is not only a new net, but also a radically new technology.
And our phone, radio and television networks, our money, movies, memories, votes,... everything will change when it is transformed by computer technology. Digits. Zeroes and ones magically coming from out of the blue.
However, Internet is much more than the net-that-devours-all-other-nets: it is the most powerful extension of our thought. The perfect metaphor for the "Cyborg".

Montxo Algora

Internet is our higher-order collective nervous system. Whereas the previous mass media suggested a "from one to many" broadcasting model, Internet allows each and every person to communicate with everybody else. It is a "from many to many" communications system. This denser interconnection makes all netizens as a group be more than the sum of its parts. Thanks to the artificial nervous system that links us up, we have a greater ability to process information, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.

Javier Candeira


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