Selection of the best animated shorts and best works in visual effects:

“1” Omnibus Japan

“CROCOTIRES: traction AAA” Polygon Pictures

“Hello, Dolly!” Mariko Hoshi

“Hollow Man: Digital Human Project” Sony Pictures

“Synchronicity” Hans H. Uhlig

“Access Denied” UIB

“Hot Spot” Passion Pictures

“PAF le moustique” PAF Production

“Africa Shox” Cunningham / Leftfield

“Protest” Steve Katz

“Imagination Sight” Minoru Sasaki

“Diablo II” Havas Interactive

“Tekken Tag Tournament - Ending Movie” Namco

“Nebular” Yoichiro Kawaguchi

“Warcraft II” Havas Interactive

“Today’s Science Tomorrow’s Art” Aaron Otstott

“Resident Evil: Code Veronica”

“For the Birds” Ralph Eggleston / Pixar


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