Casinet d'Hostafrancs de Sants, November 1st - 3rd

bcnparty: a programming event produced by Spanish Demoscene collectives. ArtFutura visitors will get access to the activities of this party that will take place at Sants' Casinet d'Hostafrancs from November 1st to November 3rd.
Demos are an artistic way of expression for computer-generated creation. It is a project developen inn fields such as music, programming and graphics.
Sceners are members of a group devoted to create demos. This group is made up of programmers, also called coders, graphic artists, musicians and other friends who make suggestions and sometimes contribute projects to the group. Each member has a nickname
that identifies him in the scene, the world of demos creation.
bcnparty bring Spanish young creators from the field of audiovisual art together, who use their personal computers to make projects with a professional finish and few resources. In this bcnparty's third year, the participants will live, sleep and eat in the same party during three days. They will bring their own computer from home, share their knowedge and last works, taking part in competitions, attending conferences and watching in big screen the last audiovisual productions from all over the world of this scene's year. bcnparty is not a game party, but a party where there is only creativity and audiovisual art.
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ArtFutura Shows
Valencia, Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe
Vitoria, Artium

At the same time the main artFutura activities happen in Barcelona, the Principe Felipe Science Museum in Valencia and the ARTIUM in Vitoria will show a selection of the festival shows section. Visitors to these centres can watch the programs artFutura show 2002 and 3D Computer Animation in Spain 2002, as well as the monographic program about the festival history artFutura: twelve years.