At the beginning of this third millennium we enter a process in which art and science run together on parallel paths. Artificial Life, Virtual Reality, computer generated images... are only the first chapter of a new universe, capable of both broadening and shrinking the human spirit. NOTHING will ever be like before. If it ever was.

United Visual Artists



Blast Theory

Chris Cunningham

Chris Landreth

Digital Jam



Richard Fenwick

Sam Chen

Theo Jansen


Toshio Iwai

Usman Haque

Yoichiro Kawaguchi

Web as Canvas

Andrew Vande Moere
Estética de la Información - La Forma sigue a los Datos

Derrick de Kerckhove
The Bionic Integration of Global Conciousness in Cybermedia

Hiroshi Ishii
Tangible Bits: Beyond Ubiquitous Pixels

Howard Rheingold
My Life As A Technosocial Participant-Observer

Javier Candeira
Inventing the Yet-to-Come at Art Futura

José Luis de Vicente
Hertzian space, sensitive spaces, soft spaces

Lev Manovich
Digital art / Contemporany art

Michael Talbot
Global Mind in the Holographic Universe

Rebecca Allen
Living Objects / Sensitive Spaces

Roberta Bosco / Stefano Caldana a Look.

Terence McKenna
Temporal mapping at the edge of history.

Xeni Jardin
Lead blocks to weblogs.