Web as Canvas - Carnivore
Cory Arcangel, Radical Software Group (EEUU)
área3 (E)
Chaired by Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana, Arte.Red (IT/E)

On October 1st 2001, Radical Software Group (RSG), an international collective of net.artists announced the launch of the Carnivore Project, based on the software with the same name used by the FBI to spy and control data through the Internet, although its aim is to transform the data obtained by the Carnivore through the Internet into art.
The project, awarded in Ars Electronica 2002, has counted with the involvement of important names in the international digital art scene.
Cory Arcangel, RSG member, will put forward the project's philosophy while collective from Barcelona area3 will present World Wall Painters, their contribution to Carnivore specially made for artfutura 2002.
Thursday, October 31 - 17:00 / Auditorium

Florian Schmitt y Alexandra Jugovic, Hi-Res (GB)

The multimedia studio Hi-ReS! has managed to become the most relevant European web design company producing webpages where they subvert all the established design principles in the Internet. Enigmatic and hugely demanding, their highly awarded web projects for movies such as Requiem for a Dream or Donnie Darko turn into enterprising artistic experiments that extend the original work. With the collaboration of the British Council.
Friday, November 1 - 20:00 / Auditorium

The Future of Music on the Net
Pablo Soto,Blubster (E)
Nacho Escolar, Música Libre (E)
Pedro Soler, Fiftyfifty (E)
Chaired by José Luis de Vicente, artFutura

While the recording industry tries to hold back the unstoppable growth of mp3 exchange networks at all costs, it is difficult to deny that the Internet is the stage where the future of music is being decided. From the new models of free music trying to transfer open code ideology to music creation, to decentralized communities of music files exchange managed by their own users, going through musical interactives, the new creative frontier merging sound expression and software's dynamic processes. A speculative discussion with the participation of Pablo Soto, creator of the P2P net Blubster, an exchange system of music files with more than three million users; Nacho Escolar, musician and journalist specialized in Internet and music, and author of the awarded article "Por favor pirateen mis canciones" (Please, crack my songs), a text which has become the flag of the Spanish anti-copyright movement, and Pedro Soler, member of the collective Fiftyfifty and the responsible for the selection of musiccal interactives in the Sónar festival.
Thursday 31, 18:30h. Auditorium

Stretched Paint: Paul Friedlander.
Paul Friedlander (GB)

Paul Friedlander uses computer controlled lights and infrared sensors to generate sculptures simulating giant holographies of intriguing beauty. His work, defined by himself as "kinetic sculpture", has been exhibited in Berlin, New York, London and Singapore. His exhibition in artFutura 2002 presents a wide-ranging selection of his most important works, and includes a new and exclusive production: a light sculpture with more than 7 meters in length. In this session, Friedlander examines his working techniques and gets inside the scientific roots of his work.
Frayday1, 17:00h. Auditorium

With the participation of Luis Fernández / escena.org (E), Rafael Pérez and
Ricardo Cabello (E)/

The Demoscene lies in parallel to the numerous revolutions lived in the area of digital production during the last 20 years but remains largely untouched by these revolutions. A discipline that despite its history and constant production remains, to a large extent, plunged into the subsoil of digital art. A love for retro style, the excellent technique and real time graphics make this discipline something difficult to understand out of context. To mark the opening of bcnparty, the main demoscene event in Spain, Luis Fernández, creator of escena.org -meeting point of spanish sceners on the Net- and Rafael Perez y Ricardo Cabello, bcnparty organizers, will offer an introduction to the art and the culture of the demoscene.
Thursday 31 - 20:00 / Auditorium