Special Presentation: RESFEST 2002
Jeremy Boxer, RESFEST (USA)

American festival RESFEST has become the most relevant international event for all those interested in new cinema produced almost exclusively with digital tools. Created by the specialized magazine RES - for many the Bible of the new filmmakers-, the works shown every year in RESFEST are top proof that, beyond the great visual effects companies from Hollywood, the democratisation of new audiovisual tools is an enormous influence on the current evolution of the moving image.
In this presentation the RESFEST team will explore their vision of the new digital images through a selection of their best pieces in their 2002 edition.
Saturday 2 - 17:00 / Auditorium

Motion Graphics: ways of doing
Zeligstudio (SP)
Medialuna (AR)
La Truka (SP)

Ways of doing in motion graphics pretends to sort out the different trends living under the same tag in the audiovisual industry. Motion graphics constitute an essential ingredient in current visual communication. Four outstanding studios in this area will elaborate on their modus operandi in the field of motion graphics.

Zeligstudio is a design, production and postproduction team specialized in graphic projects for visual media. Famous for their unconventional aesthetics and techniques, Medialuna have realized pieces for companies like MTV, Nickelodeon, Fox, Fox Kids and TNT among others. Sixis MotionGraphics is a graphic design studio specialized in print and digital projects and in Motion Graphics. La Truka develops from logo designs to corporative image for TV Channels.
Friday 1 - 12:30 / Auditorium

Special Shynola
Introduced by Andrés Hispano (SP)

SHYNOLA is made up of four talented fellow studio members who have continued working together up to now: Gideon Baws, Jason Groves, Chris Harding and Richard Kenworthy.
In just four years, and basically from works in music videos, SHYNOLA has created a characteristic graphic territory where strokes and vectors coexist perfectly side by side. The fast progression they force themselves closes periods where other artists would have installed themselves during years. That is why it is worth to keep in mind every work they have made, chapters of great influence in the world of illustration, design and, of course, animation cinema.
A journey through the most important works of this collective considered by many the most important name among the new European audiovisual creators. From their first pieces for Radiohead to their epic "An Eye for an Eye", and antiwar seven minute short made in collaboration with U.N.K.L.E and Massive Attack.
Friday 1 - 19:00 / Auditorium