Independent Gaming
Eric Zimmerman, Gamelab (USA),
Guillaume Clary, TeamChman (F),
Innothna (SP)
Chaired by José Luis de Vicente, artFutura

Like any art, videogame design requires independent voices working beyond the mainstream discourse of the industry. American company gameLab, French studio TeamChman (creators of the awarded online game Banja) and Spanish team Innothna are discovering new ways of playing and exploring aesthetics that are not usually found on superconsoles.

Headed by the recognized digital artist Eric Zimmerman, New York studio gameLab has become the company leading the independent gaming movement. Their work explores narratives and visual styles that cannot be easily found in commercial games. Along with them, the panel will feature multimedia French company Team cHman, whose popular multiplayer online game Banja was awarded at Ars Electronica 2001, and Innothna from Barcelona.
Saturday 2 - 12:00 / Auditorium

The Art of Gaming
Ernest Adams, Designer's Notebook (GB)
Gonzalo Suárez, Commandos (SP)
Moderado por Daniel Sánchez Crespo, IUA

In the last years, the world of digital art has become interested in the discourse and aesthetics of videogames. However, this interest has not been mutual until recently. Commercial games released in the last months as Rez -inspired in the aesthetic principles of Kandinsky's work- or Ico, an impressionist graphic adventure, suggest that games may be leaving their obsession with realism behind and starting a new, more ambitious age based on artistic subjectivity. Are games designers starting to accept their role of artists? A critical, speculative conversation between Ernest Adams, game designer (Madden NFL) and specialist in videogames and art, and Gonzalo Suárez, father of Commandos and Commandos 2, considered the most prestigious Spanish Game Designer.
Friday 1 - 18:00 / Auditorium

GAMEBOY Sound lab: Introduction to music creation techniques with Nintendo's Gameboy.
With Micromusic (.NET)

Nintendo's Gameboy has been the most popular hand console in the last years. Recently, it has also become a music creation tool. Programs like Musicbox, Carillon Editor & Littlesounddj have opened the way for the creation of music on Gameboy, while the micromusic community has helped with their online and offline distribution. Nanoloop and Nullsleep are musicians who have combined their passion for games, programming and music in this mythic console.
Saturday 2 - 16:00 / Mirador.