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12:00 . From here to there. Do we export 3D?
José María Aragonés (E), Filmtel .
Sergi Reitg (E), Icon Animation .
Alex Grau (E), Furia Digital
Carles Pellejero (E)
Moderado por Santi Fort, (E), IUA
CCCB, Hall

The lack of production forces Spanish professionals to look for animation projects abroad which have no chance to be produced here. However, beyond emigration, the globalization of audiovisual market starts offering possibilities to work on important international projects, without leaving our country. From those who left and came back to those who work from here to there. A review of the different ways to gain access the global computer animation market.

17:00 . Pixelcity: The city as a video game setting, video games as a new urban space

Matt Adams, Blast Theory (GB) .
Julian Oliver, Select Parks, (AUS) .
Ricardo Andrade, YDreams (POR) .
Brajovicvandendriessche (CRO/BEL) .
CCCB, Hall

While some of the most important commercial video games of the last few years have presented the most detailed recreation of the urban landscape or the creation and administration of a city, the mobile technology revolution and portable devices announce the rising of a new kind of games, in which players move away from the keyboard and monitor and the city itself becomes the setting where the action takes place. Moreover, digital game worlds have an influence on the work avant-garde architects and town planners create in concrete and crystal cities. PIXELCITY assembles successful video game creators, independent artists, specialists and theorists to reflect on present and future connections between urban and digital space. Blast Theory creates "Can You See me Now?", an awarded game/artistic performance where half the players sit in front of a screen and the other half goes over the streets of their city, in a pursuit developed on the one hand in the asphalt surface, and on the other hand in the pixel world of computers. Ydreams is one of the pioneering companies in the field of location-based games, where the game's action depends on the player's moves in the city streets. The Australian community of artistic video games Select Parks develops architectural games based on real buildings, and the architects Marco Brajovic and Stephanie Vandendriessche use video game concepts and aesthetics in their work in the real world.

19:00 . Awards Ceremony
PlayStation ArtFutura Video Game Design Award.
3D Infografía en España and ArtFutura Show Awards.
CCCB, Hall

The second year of the PlayStation ArtFutura Video Game Design Award tries to spread the work of independent creators who work on this field and to support the development of new projects with a 6,000 Euro grant. Winners and finalists present their works in this award ceremony where last year's winners will also present the state of development of their games, a year later The 3D Infografía en España Award is the most important award in the field of 3D animation and digital effects in our country. Companies, students and independent artists compete for this prize decided by the votes of the audience attending the festival during the four previous days.

20:00 . PIXAR presents "Finding Nemo"

Special Presentation: PIXAR presents "Finding Nemo"
Dylan Brown, (EEUU) PIXAR .
CCCB, Hall

ArtFutura closes its cycle of presentations this year with a very special name: PIXAR, the company led by the mythic John Lasseter and responsible of contemporary animation classics as "Toy Story", "A Bug’s Life" or "Monsters Inc". PIXAR is the reference studio in the world of digital animation. Its success lies in its capacity to develop spectacular technical innovations that help to develop intelligent and mordacious stories that satisfy different generations of viewers. Dylan Brown, animation supervisor of “Finding Nemo” will present in Barcelona PIXAR’s last production that will open in theatres in Spain next 28th of November. .

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