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11:00 . Software Presentations

Presentations of programs related to the digital creation.
INCA SOLUTIONS presents Maya
TRIGITAL presents Shake by Apple, and Softimage
AULATEK presents Lightwave
TECHEX presents Max and Combustion by Discreet

17:00 . An afternoon in the Blogosphere. A journey through the weblogs' universe on the Internet

Xeni Jardin, (EEUU) . Boingboing .
Meg Hourighan (EEUU) .
Anil Dash (EEUU) . .
Straddle3 (E) .
CCCB, Hall

In the last years weblogs or online diaries have become the strongest emerging movement on the Web. With more than half a million blogs or logs, the space so called the "blogosphere" is nowadays the strongest representation of the power of users on the Internet, and its members are the very heirs of the first cyberspace netizens. In a sense, the blogosphrere is the most important and largest virtual community that has ever existed. ArtFutura assembles pioneers of the phenomenon, Web culture specialists and famous bloggers to celebrate the present of the blogosphere and speculate about its future impact. Xeni Jardin has followed the weblogs phenomenon in her articles in Wired and she is a editor, one of the most important blogs about Web culture. Meg Hourihan ( was one of the Blogger's founders, the company that brought about the explosion of the phenomenon; Anil Dash ( is responsible of one of the most read blogs in the Web, and Straddle3 develops from Barcelona Context (, a global blog translated into four languages about art and science. There will be also a selection of Spanish bloggers representing the blogosphere in Spain.

19:00 . Lynn Fox: Beyond 3D

Lynn Fox (GB) .
CCCB, Hall

One of the characteristics defining the latest generation of audiovisual creators is their lack of complexes when using digital tools and their natural instinct to explore their least expected possibilities. Those afraid that 3D and digital animation have exhausted its expressive possibilities should take a look at the work of young people such as Lynn Fox, probably this year's revelation in the field of moving images for music. Their work explores the recreation of organic shapes extracted from nature, which they digitally provide with textures and movement. Their recognition came with their work for Björk, for whom they made an spectacular piece ("Nature is Ancient") and the visuals for the current tour of the Icelandic singer.

20:00 . RESFEST: 2003 Selection

Jeremy Boxer (EEUU), RESFEST .
CCCB, Hall

American festival RESFEST has become the most important event in the world for all those interested in new cinema produced exclusively with digital tools. Together with the four programs of ArtFutura audiovisual selection, Jeremy Boxer from RESFEST will discuss the most outstanding works on the new edition of this global festival devoted to the new forms of cinema enabled by the democratization of film technology. "Off the Map" stands out among them, a project about new geographies supported by National Geographic.

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