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ArtFutura takes part in Barcelona's Year of Design 2003 coproducing the exhibition "Crossed: New Avant-garde Design Territories", whose opening will take place along with the start of the festival.
"Crossed" explores those spaces that can be found at the meeting spots between different creative disciplines. Forty different artists in an inquisitive exhibition which suggests that the future of fashion, graphic design or architecture lies in the hybridization of its different languages. "Crossed" pretends to be a useful map to locate new creative territories that many brave artists have explored during the last years.
Creuats-Cruzados-Crossed arises from the initiative of the FAD (Decorative Arts Promotion) to produce an exhibition looking towards the near future of the professional disciplines represented by the FAD itself: Graphic design, Industrial design, Architecture, Fashion, New craftsmanship, Jewelry and Visual arts. Nowadays these fields are characterized by the progressive disappearance of the borders between the different disciplines. Now that the interdisciplinary borders have been demolished, it is interesting to identify the new territories that are appearing.
The works comprising this selection create their own universes beyond the simple disciplinary exchange, showing a voluntary ignorance of the disciplines, professionals and stylistic labels. They demonstrate this transversal situation - "crossed"- and their value lies in their ability to research, risk, bet, and open new ways, but also in their wish to respond to the user, sharing the creation process with him.
The content of the exhibition is organized around twenty-one concepts which arrange and link the pieces among themselves, such as "other narratives"; "portable", "open systems", "Hi-Lo Culture", "Immersions", or "Interaction with the user."
Works by: Hilde de Decker, Federico Soriano + Dolores Palacios, Actar Arquitectura, Michael Lin, Vivian Rehberg, Tord Boontje, Jenny King, Neasden Control Centre, J. Abbott Miller, Maria Güell + Cristobal Echevarría, Filippine de Haan, Maja Abplanalp + Maria Pia Amabile, Kosuke Tsumura, Lucy Orta, KZG, El Perro, Anna Pla Català, Manel Margalef, Do + Droog Design,, Underware, Sixis Motiongraphics, Atelier Bow-wow, pHila, Algo, Ángel Borrego, Constantin Boym, Sistemas Judo, Dunne and Raby, Luki Huber, Jordi Mitjà, NO.MAD, Nowicka Stern, LOT-EK, AllesWirdGut, Daniel Chust Peters, Anne Fauteux, André Kuenzy, xnografics.

An exhibition curated by: Oscar Guayabero, Amadeu Santacana, David Lorente.

Content advisors: Curro Claret, Mónica Gaspar, Valentín Roma, Martín Ruiz de Azúa, José Luis de Vicente.

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