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Sunday October 12th
11:00 - 14:00 - SAM CHEN - ETERNAL GAZE and the independent digital animation
Code: 3D - 1
Aula 1 - CCCB Center
Price: 40 Euros
Language: English

Awarded best short in Siggraph last year, ETERNAL GAZE implies a landmark in the history of independent digital animation. Almost everything is unusual in this production; from its format -sixteen minutes of images without dialogues, where the music carries the story- to the black and white images and its uncommon theme. Eternal Gaze is the story of the last nine years of the tortured Italian sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

Sunday October 12th
16:00 - 19:00 - JOHN GAETA & GREG JUBY, ESC. The MATRIX trilogy.
Code: 3D - 2
Aula 1 - CCCB Center
Price: 50 Euros
Language: English

ESC is the company created by the Wachowski brothers and the visionary John Gaeta at the head to produce the complex work of visual effects in MATRIX RELOADED and MATRIX REVOLUTIONS. ESC's work in the MATRIX trilogy is one of the most ambitious projects ever done on the redefinition of the film language through technology. John Gaeta, probably the figure who has exerted a greater impact on the world of visual effects in the last ten years, will review in detail the monumental process involved in the production of three films which have changed both the history of modern science fiction and the aesthetics of American commercial cinema, stressing the techniques which made him famous and place him in a privileged position in the history of special effects.


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