With the special participation of the INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC studios, creators of the special effects in the second part of "Jurassic Park ("The Lost World"), to be released in Spain in the autumn.

In this occasion we will count with the presence of the Spanish MIGUEL ANGEL FUERTES, director of computer animation of the film "The Lost World".

INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC are the creators of special effects for other great cinema classics such as "Forrest Gump", "The Mask" and the film series "Star Trek" and "Star Wars".

With the demonstration of the post-production secrets and the explanation of the inmense possibilities of computers in this field.

FUTURA CINEMApresents the exclusive of the film from MARK DIPPÉ, "Spawn", with the presence and conference of the director.

MARK DIPPÉ, ex-director of special effects from INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC in films such as "Jurasic Park" and the serial "Stark Trek", he starts with this film his career as film director.

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