(Contents and speakers might change between now and this edition's official presentation in October).

ART FUTURA 97 proposes an advance on the world of telecommunications in the Third Millenium. And for this purpose, it plans a series of panel discussions, conferences, texts and videoconferences configured as two main blocks: "Utopias for the 21st Century" and "Leisure in the Third Dimensionn".

UTOPIAS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY A look into the media of the next millenium. Internet. The television of the future and its symbiosis with the Net. Televirtuality. Nanotechnology. Artificial Life. Extropy and Inmortality. The future of Virtual Reality. And the incidence of the mass media on Future Art.

LEISURE IN THE THIRD DIMENSION The 21st Century leads us into the so-called "Spectacle Society": the new Theme Parks. Interactive T.V. and Cinema. Virtual Tourism. Synthetic Actors. Knowbots.

A DICTIONARY OF THE FUTURE As a parallel event to ART FUTURA's eighth edition, the creation of a multimedia dictionary of some of the main terms we will have to become familiar with during the next decades. This "DICTIONARY OF THE FUTURE" will be a guide or map to avoid getting lost in cyberspace.

SPEAKERS: Max More Vicente Verdu.

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