What is the future? Where is it? and, especially, what does it have in store for us? In the year 2000, will there be more than 400 million Internet users? Will we have virtual surgical simulators? Will we travel to Space as tourists? Will current scientific and technological novelties fade in comparison to what is to come?.

Technologies such as Televirtuality will soon make us ubiquitous, nanotechnology will create medical instruments that will travel through the inside of blood vessels and heterodox investigators, like the Extropian Max More, are convinced that death can be defeated and we can travel not just in space but also in time.

Bruce Sterling, novelist and cyberculture researcher, goes beyond this in his belief that in one thousand years we will be machines or gods, if we reach a superior and holistic state.

When the curtains rise to give way to the Third Millenium, we shall enter a world or cyber world that we never dreamed of. ART FUTURA, faithful to its spirit of searching emergent tendencies, attempts to step ahead of the inevitable fortune tellers, prophets, gurus and visionaries of the end of the century and bring us closer to that future that, as Arthur Clarke well said, "we can be sure will be highly fantastic".

Art Futura.

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