Are humans coming closer to existing between a virtual world and a real
world, or are there other alternatives for the future? Will the web
amplify a navigator's experiences? Will 'intelligent' glasses recognize
their owner's friend, to be able to reveal his name, in the case that
their owner should forget it? Will machines with 'Kansei', capable of
recognizing and feeling emotion, be dangerous in the long run?

To talk and debate about these questions, which are only the tip of the
iceberg that imply Second Skin, Art Futura 98 will count on, among
others, the presence of the following people: Derrick de Kerckhove,
director of the McLuhan program at the University of Toronto, and author
of the book "The Skin of Culture" (Canada). Gerfried Stoker, director
of Ars Electrónica Center in Linz (Australia) and a true anticipator of
the 'museum of the future'. Eduardo Punset, director of the television
program "Redes (Networks)". Ramón Lopez de Mántaras, expert in
artificial intelligence and the application of Kansei to music. And
Eduardo Kac, electronic artist.