Location: Teatro Central de Sevilla
Dates: From the 8th (Thursday) to the 11th (Sunday) of October 1998.


-"New Museums, New Centers and New Mediums" with Moncho Núñez, Manuel
Toharia, Jose Luis Muñoz and others.
-"Virtual Technologies in Spain" with López de Mántaras (Director of the
Artificial Intelligence Center), Jose Luis Brea (Director of Aleph),
among others.

ART SHOW "Interaction and Second Skin".
"Archeology and Virtual Mitologies" / Inmersadesk:
-Franz Fischnaller/Fabricators "Multi Mega Book in the Cave"
-Carolina Cruz Neira "Arquitecturas Virtuales"
-Hiznam Bizri, Maria Roussos, Dave Pape "Mitologies"

-López de Mántaras "SaxEx"
-Fabricators "Robots-Avatars Dreaming with Virtual Illusions"
-Laura Baigorri "Arte en Red"
-Jorge Dragón "Segundo Movimiento"

"Art Futura Show" (International Selection of Computer Animation),
"Computer Graphics in Spain", "Shots" and others.