Computer Animation

The Art Futura Show includes the best international computer graphics works selected by Art Futura 99.

“Bunny” by Chris Wedge and Blue Sky Studios

“Bjork: All Is Full Of Love” by Glassworks

“The Legend of Dragoon” by Sony Computer Entertainment

“ The Duck Father” by Tomoyuki Harashima

“To Build a Better Mousetrap” by Christopher Leone

“Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus” by Oddworld Inhabitants

“Tightrope” by Digital Domain

“Hollow” by Jason Shulman

“Fiat Lux” by Paul Debevec

“Le Bestiaire” by Julien Delmotte

“Bike” by Dietmar Offenhuber

“The Delivery” by Christine Arboit & Michael Brunet

“Longing” by Amy Moran

“Les Pecheurs de Perles” by Hiroyuki Okui

“Vision” by Satoshi Kitahara

“Un Temps Pour Elle” by Erwin Charrier

“Tribu” by Clarenc, Darques & Lecointre

“Freedom” by Minoru Sasaki

“Shutter Bug” by Joseph Brumm

“Planet Paranoid” by Wolfgang Morell

“Brillia” by Yoichiro Kawaguchi