"The Airtight Garage", designed by Jean Giraud (more known as Moebius), is one of the three thematic areas of the new entertainment center, "Metreon", produced by Sony Entertainment.

In the first two months, as of its inaugural in San Francisco last June 15th, more than 1.5 million persons have visited "Metreon", a high risk bet on the new concept of theme park and leisure center.

Moebius will participate in ART FUTURA '99 by presenting his experience in the "Airtight Garage", and including an ample exhibition of the imagery created for the "Metreon" center in San Francisco and another to be opened soon in Tokyo.

Considered one of the greatest artists and creators of our time, Moebius is known for his works, "The Airtight Garage", "The Man from Ciguri" and "Arzach"; also for his participation in the design of such motion pictures as "Alien", "Tron", "Dune" and "The Fifth Element".

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Images: Moebius Sony Development 1998