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Mr. A "Danza de la Tierra #1 > Monóvar: the roofs of the night”

“Deep down is through our heart that we open and close the doors of our knowledge". Mr. A

Earth Dance #1 > Monóvar: the roofs of the night" a virtual journey composed of seven interconnected environments. A production of Cyberia S.L. with the sponsorship of Master TDI Universidad Complutense de Madrid and SGI.

It is based on the graphic setting SGI Onyx Infinite Reality, which is
responsible for managing the script of the experience, the actions of all the lements,
the user interaction and the graphic images in real time. This representation
is characterized by the realization of 60fps images, with the richness of more than twenty thousand polygons per image to achieve resolutions of 1280 by 1024 points on screen.