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C I R C U I T O   F U T U R A


11:00 hours / Room MAC
Visual effects in Spain: Challenges and Opportunities
Alex Grau, Furia Digital (SP)
Ferrán Pique, Molinare (SP)
Miguel Angel Fuertes, “Happy Feet” (SP/USA)
Joan Carles Vendrell, Infinia (SP)
Moderated by Santi Fort, UPF (SP)
Although the visual effects industry has traditionally been in the hands of a small number of studios with a lot of resources, the arrival of digital filming, “affordable” postproduction equipment and the boldness of producers and filmmakers are giving opportunities to new studios with reduced human and technical resources, but which have ambition.
This session deals with the work of Spanish companies that produce tools for the production of visual effects and which are finding their place on the international scene.

artfutura artfutura

If anything is to leave its mark on the year 2006 in the world of videogames, it will be the transition to the new generation of consoles. And, as has been the case in previous generational changeovers, a lot is expected to happen over the next few years: the changeover from Playstation to Playstation2 brought three dimensions and led to the creation of classic games such as Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid and Ico. What will this renewal lead to? ArtFutura wishes to investigate the expressive possibilities of this new wave of technology from different points of view.

13:00 hours / Room MAC
Games in Spain: The New Generation
Javier Arévalo Baeza, Pyro Studios (SP)
Enric Alvarez, Mercury Steam (SP)
David Darnés, Ubi Soft (SP)
Fernando Piquer, Zinkia Game Crew (SP)
Moderated by Daniel Sánchez Crespo, Novarama (SP)
This year, Games in Spain will be dedicated, in a monographic way, to the transition to the new generation of consoles: the changes implied, the future challenges and the strategies that some of the most relevant companies in the sector are adopting. We will be honored with the presence of Javier Arévalo-Baeza from Pyro Studios, a studio that is working on projects for all of the consoles of this new generation at this very time.

Among the participants there will also be David Darnés from Ubi Soft Barcelona, who has recently completed one of the worldwide launching titles for the Wii console from Nintendo, and Enric Alvarez from Mercury Steam, who are responsible for “Jericho”, a terror game with a script by Clive Barker for Playstation3.


17:00 hours / Room MAC
Ted Price, Insomniac Games (USA)
“Designing games for the next generation”
Ted Price is the General Manager of Insomniac Games, one of the pioneers in development of titles for Playstation3. His game “Resistance: Fall of Man”, is one of the console’s launching titles on a worldwide scale and one of the first works to present the future of high-definition electronic entertainment.
In addition, as a member of the board of directors of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, Price has propelled initiatives against censorship in videogames and in favor of creative freedom for the studios.
Ted Price is attending ArtFutura to share his professional experience, his view of the future of electronic entertainment and how these new-generation consoles are going to revolutionize, once again, the way in which we spend our leisure time.

18:00 hours / Room MAC
Masaya Matsuura, NanaOn-Sha (JAP)
Masaya Matsuura is, as can be seen whether in his role as president of the NanaOn-Sha studio or in any of his other numerous facets, one of the greatest natural innovators of today’s musical and interactive world. In 1996, he launched his masterpiece, “Parappa the Rapper”, for Playstation, which was voted game of the year in Japan the following year.
This was followed, in 1999, by “Vib Ribbon”, an outstanding game with a unique look based on black and white vector graphics which introduces the concept of synergy between sound and image and “Mojib Ribbon” in which the players create Japanese Kanji characters based on musical patterns.
Matsuura is an untiring creator and more recently, he has designed the sounds for Sony’s new Aibo ERS-7 robot and he has launched Recommuni, an online music community which proposes interesting alternatives to controversial Digital Rights Management schemes.

19:00 hours / Room MAC
ArtFutura Prize Award Ceremony
ArtFutura Show Prize
PlayStation ArtFutura Videogame Creation Prize
3D in Spain Prize
In the prize award ceremony, the winners of the festival’s various competitions will be announced: the ArtFutura Show, the international selection of the best pieces of 3D digital animation; the 3D in Spain prize, the award that recognizes the most outstanding work produced nationally; and the consolidated PlayStation ArtFutura Videogame Creation Prize, the most veteran and established competition that supports the independent production of videogames in this country. The winners will receive their prizes and be given the opportunity of presenting their projects to the festival’s public.

20:00 hours / Room MAC
Closure: Kuwakubo’s World of Toys
Ryota Kuwakubo (JAP)
ArtFutura closes its 2006 edition by once again proposing a meeting between the videogame industry and the world of contemporary creation through one of the most peculiar artists that has become involved in the language of electronic leisure: Ryota Kuwaubo from Japan. Kuwakubo dissects and reduces the language and aesthetics of early electronic games and consumer electronic culture to its bare essentials.
His objective is, above all, “to create strange devices which people cannot help wanting to play with”. His gadgets mockingly question our preconceptions of the technology that surrounds us. And his projects based on the golden age of the microcomputers and microconsoles are an example of how for Ryota Kuwakubo, the old technologies are never completely obsolete: they always leave room for the imagination.

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