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ArtFutura 2007
The Next Web
25-28 October

Barcelona / Alicante / Cádiz / Granada / Madrid / Murcia / Palma de Mallorca / Valladolid / Vigo / Vitoria / Zaragoza

As every year, ArtFutura 2007 comes in autumn. The eighteenth edition of the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity that has become a point of reference in Spain will take place in more than eleven cities from the 25 to the 28 October with an extensive program that will explore the most important projects and ideas that have arisen on the international panorama of new media, interactive design, videogames and digital animation over the last 12 months.

In the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, the headquarters for the festival, four intensive days of special presentations, conferences, workshops, interactive installations, exhibitions and live performances will take place. Simultaneously, Circuito Futura will be present in museums and cultural centers in another 10 cities with the extensive audiovisual program of the festival along with a live relay of the conferences held in Barcelona in some of the venues.


The 2.0 revolutions that have taken place over the last two years have completely changed the face of the Web. They have transformed it into a space of social participation and collective cooperation that the first theorists of cyber culture of the early 90s would never have imagined. However, along with the boom of participative social networks on the web, some of the original utopias that understood Internet as an opportunity to build a parallel and autonomous world with its own rules have also regained strength. Among those who are starting to form the rules of a Web 3.0 and those who continue to defend a net understood as a large forum for the social debate of our time, we are starting to see the beginnings of a next web.

ArtFutura will dedicate the first afternoon of its program to posing a speculative and provocative debate on the Web that is coming with thinkers, technologists and entrepreneurs of the digital economy. The participation of Daniel Linden, head of the renowned virtual world Second Life and the closest that this world has to a politician in charge, particularly stands out. As notorious as misunderstood, Second Life has become the most successful embodiment of the idea of the web as an immersive three-dimensional space and a point of reference to understand the coming forms of a participative Internet.


The recovery of the creation of immersive synthetic worlds will also be the outstanding feature of the festival’s second day dedicated to the great technological transformation of the world of cinema and animation: Digital Cinema in 3D. The dream of creating a cinema in three-dimensions is almost as old as the cinema industry itself and the technological development, the transition from celluloid to bits along with the problems that the industry has when it comes to competing with the new digital leisure has convinced Hollywood that the time has come to explore a new visual language to attract the spectator to the world of the big screen. Directors such as Robert Zemeckis  and James Cameron and are currently leading this revolution that will be explored in depth on the festival’s second afternoon with the participation of companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks. SPI will demonstrate and analyze the work they are undertaking in the production of images in stereoscopic three-dimensions and they will also present, in debut, Robert Zemeckis’ new production: "Beowulf”. To be released in November, Beowulf recreates the work of actors and actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins in digital animation and it is one of the first super productions filmed in digital stereoscopic 3D.

The world of videogames will continue to be one of the festival’s outstanding protagonists. ArtFutura will present, in world exclusive, innovative projects that use the capacities of the new generation of consoles to reinvent the language of digital leisure. We will also look into the intriguing area of “Alternative Reality Games” (ARGs); mysterious hypermedia narratives that the players have to unravel by using clues found on web pages, Internet forums and in telephone calls.

In addition, visitors to ArtFutura 07 will be able to discover interactive pieces such as the surprising Khronos Projector from Alvaro Casinelli, a system of projection that changes the relationship between spectator and screen, and they will be able to try Sergi Jordá’s innovative tactile musical system, “Reactable”, developed in Barcelona and popularized by musicians such as Björk. The festival will also present live performances among which the premiere of Marcel.lí Antúnez’s new show "Hipermembrana" stands out.

And as every year, ArtFutura 2007 will analyze the present state of digital creativity in our country in all fields and present its audiovisual program in which the now classic ArtFutura Show (International audiovisual selection of animation in 3D) and Full Motion Theater (Videogame intros) as well as the prizes for Digital 3D Animation in Spain and Videogame Design stand out.

The complete program for the festival will be announced in September.

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