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Advance ArtFutura 2006 // 26 – 29 October
Data Aesthetics..

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Barcelona / Granada / Madrid / Murcia / Palma de Majorca / Tenerife / Vigo / Vitoria / Zaragoza

ArtFutura reaches its seventeenth edition. From 26 to 29 October, the festival that has become a point of reference in Spain for art, technology and digital culture will offer an extensive program of activities in museums and cultural centers in nine different cities. Once again, ArtFutura will base its nerve center in el Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, where presentations and conferences, workshops and project exhibitions will take place along with simultaneous viewings of its wide-ranging program of projections and parallel activities in eight other capitals.

ArtFutura 2006 will present the most outstanding and innovative projects that have been undertaken over the last twelve months on the international scene of digital art, interactive design, computer animation and video games.

At a time in which, following a boom in social technologies such as blogs and new paradigms such as the “Web 2.0”, Internet users are generating and canalizing greater volumes of information in different ways, artists, designers and technologists are becoming interested in designing new forms of representing  and visualizing the constant movement of data that surrounds us. This year, under the title of “Data Aesthetics”, the festival approaches terrains such as data visualization, media-architecture, which intends to integrate data flows within urban spaces, and offers an introduction into the scenic spaces of the dynamics of information representation.

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Among the international guests who will be participating in the festival, those that stand out are: the North American Ben Rubin, creator of installations and artistic interventions such as the classic “Listening Post”, a pioneer project that proposes mechanisms to visualize the circulation of information on Internet; the German architectural studio Realities:United, specialists in the creation of “media façades” such as SPOTS or BLIX, large-scale architectural interventions that transform entire buildings into enormous data screens; or the renowned collective of designers United Visual Artists (UVA). Known, above all, for their light and data shows for large groups such as Massive Attack or U2, on their recent tour, UVA have created installations, videos and designs for spaces in which they investigate how the language of illumination can be evolved through software. For the first time in Spain, UVA will present in ArtFutura their audiovisual show, in which they use large-scale “LED” screens and all sorts of data to execute a performance of unprecedented intensity, live.

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This year, ArtFutura’s digital animation section presents large-scale productions that re-evaluate and redefine the limits between 3D, the real image, and traditional animation techniques. The legendary studios of animation in plasticine Aardman are to visit the festival for the first time to talk about “Flushed away”, their first production undertaken completely by computer. Along with them, the other outstanding feature of the festival in this area will be the much acclaimed “A Scanner Darkly”, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick, in which the creator Richard Linklater raises the sophistication of the rotoscope technique to new levels and in which he films real actors and later transforms them into animations by means of digital techniques.

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The last afternoon of ArtFutura will be dedicated to digital leisure of a highly experimental nature. Once again, the festival will bring important personalities from the world of videogames together with digital artists intent on renewing their language and aesthetics. In a year in which the industry once again faces a profound technological transformation due to the appearance of a new generation of consoles, the festival will present the works of designers who have become points of references when it comes to proposing alternative ways of playing. These designers include Masaya Matsuura, author of musical titles such as “Vib Ribbon”, “Mojib Ribbon” or “Parappa”, accompanied by artists such as the iconoclastic Ryota Kuwakubo who, in his recreational projects, deconstructs all of the conventions of the language of classical games in order to create toys of a surprising interaction.

And, as in previous years, ArtFutura 2006 will analyze the present state of digital creativity in our country in all fields and will present its international selection of animated audiovisuals in 3D (ArtFutura Show), videogame intros (Full Motion Theater), the awards for digital and infographic animation in Spain and for PlayStation ArtFutura Videogame Design as well as an advance on the edition 2006 of RESFEST.

The complete program for the festival will be announced in September.

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