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Jeff Gompertz

Verbatim text transcriptions of video interview recorded as background material research for We Live In Public.

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I conceived and built the capsule hotel installation, first basement.

...Josh knew i was obsessed with this capsule hotel idea,

...Josh and i and a few other people back at pseudo had talked about doing a live-in installation, where people would basically like, be, 'locked down', we wanted a place where people could actually live in a sort of a compound, a modular environment.

i actually went and stayed in a capsule hotel, this is the inside, so you know, u have a tv, you have just about enough room to lie down, but its very comfortable.

it really is - its a riff on it, its not really meant to be the exact proportions, its meant to be a re-interpretation of a capsule hotel. it has to really be functional now, its not a joke, it has to support their weight, it has to work, so, this is not a performance - its a functional

"how many units are you actually building?"   

'..there is presently room for exactly 68 people'

from a background of being involved in internet chat environments, cuseeme and online environments, it was always important that everybodys capsule was part of the network.

the pods where you would sit with a video camera facing yourself, and then you would watch onscreen a video of other people in the other pods, so it was a shared video experience

Adeo Ressi
"...i thought it was an interesting artwork actually, but it was also
not only an artwork, of course, it was a real event"

Dara Birnbaum
people used the multi-channel system, i think people adapted very
quickly to the idea that they were on camera, they had the ability to
broadcast out of their environment to other peoples

Alana Heiss.
Oh, oh now your talking about the big deal, the big deal was the finale deal, and this was a designed living quarters, this was really hard core, there was nothing mysterious about this.
this was a project which was going to be for living, and people would - it was a social experiment - and an artist planned it and with other artists did it - i cant remember the name of the artist...

(Ondi, off camera - jeff gompertz) Jeff, Gompertz, alright
( Ondi, wait, you should probably say - jeff gompertz financed by Oz )

ok, Jeff Gompertz financed by Oz, did this enormous, incredibly important, gigantic, and probably should have been in Documenta uh, the greatest show of art in the world every five years or so..., well this was one of the largest projects or the largest projects ive seen, although ive seen many small architectural boring dreary architectural boring drawings of things and well they say oh, utopia utopia, well, utopia is a pretty common overused thing in art shows, but this really was a form of utopia, and the pods, which were human sized were placed at different levels, and there was an 'alley' all the way down this very very long building and there were podkeepers and podservers, and these were people that were sort of like nurses, they actually had pod keeper outfits and in order to get a pod, they first told me i had to sign up for a pod and when i went to sign up, the podsigners told me: (at what would be a reception desk at a hotel)  "there no more pods left", and i said well. that is impossible, because i am who i am, Im Alana Heiss, and Im the director of PS1, and there is a pod for me, everybodys going, ah,, then it became great - i had a pod, and i even got to choose my pod, which was even better, so i did and and we went up and down and i'd say, well, whose pod is that? id like that one, well that belongs to so and so, we really shouldnt really disturb that anyway, i got my pod.
Text originally published in ArtFutura's 2010 catalog.

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