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AF 2010 - Ignacio Platas

10 Predictions for the near future of “social”

Ignacio Platas

2011. “The Glass Building” reality show.  The opportunity: live in a 2 bedroom downtown Manhattan apartment for free. The catch: the apartment is wired with 30 web cams and *your life is streamed live 24/7*. The edited version goes #1 on HBO (3+ year waiting list for the 40 apartments).

2013. Baby Networks or Kinder-bonding. Parents around the world start matching their kids with prospect “friends” using online databases and cognitive tools. The idea is to build lasting bonds with compatible and complementary kids from very early on.

2014. Micro-Branding. Make sure they all know your products at your friends’ dinner party before you get there (US$ 5.99). With digital surfaces everywhere ad-space is cheap. Get only the eyeballs that you need.

2015. My Things Talk Back. Failed to come up with the credits for the last two instalments on your car?  You’ll beg for your car to stop talking!

2017. China eliminates paper money in favor of digitized credit system. A huge blow on private transactions and “parallel” economies.  This means that most transactions are tracked: cash has no trail, electronic money does. Try to bribe that Judge now.

2017. Neuromarketing goes crowd-sourced. “Free baseball caps” with inexpensive wireless EEG equipment take care of capturing your every reaction in the supermarket. Brands now have real time scans of your brain available. Be careful of that inexpensive cereal because it might trick you again with pictures of your last vacation.

2018. One big Family. DNA tests are a part of our culture by now. Insurance companies made sure that is the case. And since we are all related anyway, the biological steps-of-separation between people become an important marker to unify “tribes”. Some people go as far as not to speak to people beyond 5 steps.

2019. Chemoticons. Share synchronized chemically induced emotions at a distance. The stick-on, tattoo-like drug patches that deliver the customized emotions are replaced in 2024 by devices with implantable parts. Designer drugs get an API.

 2020. Where did I put my passport?  No worries, passports are gone. They know you well by now.  Physiological and behavioral biometrics are very good by now. The World Biometric Database, which stores biometric and associated biographic and contextual information of “individuals” worldwide, is taken care of letting everybody know that you are who you say you are.

2030. We are not alone..  AI will replace 25% of your friends, and your lawyer, doctor and accountant. Good AI will be way more fun to be with than most people. By 2043 artificial intelligence will reach a point where it will no longer want to be with us. Good luck, it said.
Text originally published in ArtFutura's 2010 catalog.

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