Artfutura 2007

Saturday, 27 october

3D and Animation + GalerĂ­a Futura

GaleríaFutura + Vida 9.0 + Jaume Plensa + Alvaro Cassinelli + Paul Verschure + 3D en España +Golden Compass + Ben Hibon + Sony Pictures Imageworks + Especial Beowulf

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11:00 Room Ovidi
GalerĂ­a Futura

MĂłnica Bello (ES)

Jaume Plensa (ES)
Crown Fountain

Alvaro Cassinelli (UY/JP)
Khronos Projector

Paul Verschure (NL)

Galería Futura intends to offer a panoramic view of the state of multimedia creation and interactive art. In this edition, Gallery Futura features some of the most interesting projects of new media or digital art.

Galería Futura is inviting the artists Jaume Plensa, who will talk about his work “Crown Fountain” in Chicago, Mónica Bello who will present the the Vida prize from Fundación Telefónica, Álvaro Cassinelli and his Khronos Projector and Paul Verschure who will expound upon the performance re(PER)curso.

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13:00 Room Ovidi
3D is Spain: Internationalization

Jordi Gironés, Framestore (ES/UK)

Niko y RaĂșl Escolano, Nikodemo (ES)

Juanjo “3Dblasphemy” (ES)

Marco Romeo (ES)

Moderated by Santi Fort, Fundación Barcelona Media (SP)

As every year in ArtFutura, the community of computer animation has a space which to share and in which to debate. We will bring together creators who approach animation from different, but interrelated, points of view: independent production, production for large producers, Spanish production open to the world. This year, for the first time, we will present various outstanding projects created in Spain for the international market.

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16:00 Room Ovidi
Forum Creation and Enterprise

For the third year running, in ArtFutura we are dedicating a space for the meeting, in first person, of the different professionals involved in the digital creation of contents: artists, producers, distributors and training centers.

The sessions are arranged along the lines of a series of short interventions that give those interested the opportunity of presenting a project or idea in a concise way so as to find others with similar knowledge and aspirations among the audience with a view to forming work collaborations.

Alongside the presentation room, notice boards have been installed where those interested can leave notices of job offers, or collaborations, project descriptions... these can be consulted by all of those attending the festival.

Presented in collaboration with NextFun.

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17:00 Room Mac
The Golden Compass

Jordi Gironés, Framestore CFC (ES/UK)

Framestore CFC is the studio which has the most experience and which possesses the most prestige in digital animation and visual effects in Europe. Their most ambitious project of the year will arrive at the cinemas in December and it is called "The Golden Compass". This will be the first installment of the film version of the classic fantasy trilogy "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman. In ArtFutura, the catalan Jordi Gironés, one of the animators responsible for productions, will talk about the creation process of the hyperrealist virtual characters that interact with flesh and blood actors such as Nicole Kidman.

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18:00 Room Mac
Ben Hibon: Codehunters

Ben Hibon is an up-and-coming creator in the world of independent digital animation. His project "Codehunters" – a nine-minute short developed for MTV Asia inspired in the aesthetics of the European comic of the 80s – has been present in more than thirty festivals around the world this year and has received prizes as important as the Golden Nica from Ars Electronica, the IMAGINA prize and the Promax/BDA. After, "Codehunters" his latest project has been an anime series based on the characters and plots of the long awaited PS3 videogame "Heavenly Sword".

More information at Art+Thought. Presented in collaboration with NextFun.

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19:00 Room Mac
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Kristen Tarnol (EEUU)

Buzz Engle (EEUU)

Sean Phillips (EEUU)

With nine nominations for Oscars and innumerable productions behind them, it is difficult to question that Sony Pictures Imageworks is one of the most important visual effects studios in the world. However, what makes them even more relevant at the moment is that they are now in the forefront of a significant historical transition in cinema technologies: 3D Digital stereoscopy.

The film that leads this transition is "Beowulf", the new film by Robert  Zemeckis with screenplay by the legendary comic author Neil Gaiman. Following on from his experience in "Polar Express", Zemeckis has taken on this version of the epic traditional Anglo-Saxon legend as a production in stereoscopic digital animation. Utilizing Imageworks’ patented ImagemotionTM technology, the performances of Anthony Hopkins,Angelina Jolie, Ray Winstone, Robin Wright Penn and John Malkovich are the cornerstone of this groundbreaking film.

In this two-hour presentation, Sony Pictures Imageworks firstly offers a summary of their complete background which leads to an exclusive in-depth exploration of "Beowulf". In ArtFutura, the executive vice-president of Imageworks, Debbie Denise, will give a demonstration of her company’s 3D stereoscope creation process, its fascinating history and its still more exciting future. Sean Phillips, senior supervisor of the digital effects of "Beowulf", and Buzz Hays, senior producer of stereoscopy effects, will talk about the challenges and opportunities presented by the creation of one of the big screen’s 3D productions most looked forward to by the public.

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