Artfutura 2007

Friday, 26 october

The Next Web

I2CAT + Enrique Dans + Juan Freire + Hermano Vianna + Hugo Zaragoza + Steven Johnson + Second Life

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18:00 Room Mac
Panel The Next Web: Imaging INTERNET 3.0

Artur Serra - I2CAT (ES)

Enrique Dans (ES)

Juan Freire (ES)

Hermano Vianna (BR)

Hugo Zaragoza - Yahoo! Research (ES/USA)

The profound revolutions of the last five years have completely changed the face of the web and have transformed it into a space of social participation and collective cooperation that its pioneers and architects never imagined.

Along with the boom of  Web 2.0, some of the original utopias that understood Internet as an opportunity to construct a parallel and autonomous world with its own rules have come back. Those who are beginning to design the online technologies to come and those who defend the role of Internet as a large-scale forum for the social debate of our time are setting the bases of the Next Net.

ArtFutura will dedicate Friday afternoon to a speculative and provocative debate on the change of cycle of the Web with specialists, technologists and entrepreneurs of the digital economy.

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19:00 Room Mac
Steven Berlin Johnson

Steven Berlin Johnson (EEUU)

The essayist and Web entrepreneur Steven Berlin Johnson has been one of the fundamental analysts of the last decade. In addition to being the author of essential books such as Emergence, Interface Culture or "Everything Bad is Good for you" which analyze the deep cultural impact of the operative systems, the Net and videogames, Steven Johnson has been responsible for pioneer web sites such as e-zine FEED and the community

His latest project,, is a service that filters the contents of blogs in order to connect users of the Net with what is happening in their own neighborhoods.

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20:00 Room Mac
Second Life: Life Beyond Life

Daniel Huebner - Second life (EEUU)

If there is a killer application of the year, it has to be Second Life, the simulated environment in which thousands of people live, buy, sell, construct and in which, in general, they are creating a simulated digital society. It is for this reason, at ArtFutura, we believe that it is the moment to reflect on Second Life, on massively multi-user environments, and on the social impact that these new tools are now having. Second Life, more than any other previous system, blurs the lines between reality and what is virtual and poses even serious debates about the government and control of online worlds.
Questions such as property, crime and money as abstract entities take on a new relevance in an online world which imitates phenomena from the real world and even their negative effects.

It is for these reasons that it is an honor to have Daniel Huebner, one of the founders of Linden Lab, and during the last four years the Director of the Second Life Community, with us to help us obtain a better understanding of what people are looking for in these environments, what they find and the vast possibilities that our society can find in them.
We will talk about how the users express themselves by means of their digital identity, how real phenomena emerge on the other side of the screen, and about control, or the lack of it, in life beyond life.
Presented in collaboration with NextFun.

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