Conferences 2008

Artfutura 2008

Saturday, 25 october

3D + New Media + Souls and Machines

On Saturday morning, ArtFutura presents its new section, Hi-Graphics, and two panels directly related to its more exhibiting aspects: “Souls and Machines” and “Digital Art and New Media”.

The afternoon also features some of the festival’s most outstanding speakers from the world of robotics, motion graphics, 3D animation and special effects.

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11:00 Room Mac

Carlos Pardo (ES)

Marco Romeo (ES)

Jose María Aragonés (ES) Lapospo

Daniel Buhigas (ES)

Moderated by Santi Fort (SP) - Fundación Barcelona Media
Year after year, creators push the technology available to them to its limits. Even in a market like ours, in which the budgets are by no means the largest in the world, we manage to offer more and more spectacular productions that situate us in the realm of the “most interesting” in a global sense. Ingenuity, ambition, …? Let’s see what the tricks the Europeans have so as not to succumb to the American giant.

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13:00 Room Mac
Souls and Machines

Montxo Algora (ES) ArtFutura

Vicente Matallana (ES) LaAgencia

Jordi Llàcer / Irma Arribas (ES) pocaa

Evru (ES)

Souls and Machines, which has received more than 350,000 visitors, has probably been the most visited exhibition about art and technology in Spain.

In this session, the director of ArtFutura, along with the director of LaAgencia and the creative team from PocaArquitectura, will reveal the secrets of the exhibition’s production, planning and design and make some previously unreleased images public.

The artist Evru will tell us about his personal experience in the exhibition and talk about his interactive installation TECURA that will be present in the festival’s space in Mercat de les Flors.

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14:00 Room Mac
Digital Art and New Media

Mónica Bello (ES)
Vida 10.0

Erich Berger (AT/ES) LABoral

Erich Berger, Chief Commissioner of  LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, will talk to us about this exhibition center that opened its doors 18 months ago in Gijón with the objective of becoming a point of reference on the international panorama.

Mónica Bello, who is responsible for the LABoral educational programs, forms part of the jury for the VIDA Prize with which the Fundación Telefónica pays tribute to artistic projects that use technologies related to artificial life and associated disciplines.

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16:00 Room Ovidi
Creation and Business Forum

Moderated by Santi Fort

Mindark - Virtual Reality
Maira Sala Engranaje (Edición Táctil de Video)
Aina Rubies Patakiu
Oscar Casanovas  Audio Variable
Xavier Martin Fundación Digitalent
Carlos Mateo Fomento de San Sebastián
Xavier Ajenjo Grupo de tecnologías interactivas, UPF

For the fourth year running, in ArtFutura we are dedicating a space for the meeting, in first person, of the different professionals involved in the digital creation of contents: artists, engineers, project promoters, etc. The session will be arranged along the lines of a series of short interventions that give those interested the opportunity of presenting a project or idea in a concise way so as to find others with similar knowledge and aspirations among the audience with whom they can later make contact. This year, the session includes the presentation of the winning projects for the 2008 edition of the NextFun grants that are promoted by Barcelona Media with the support of CIDEM.

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17:00 Room Mac
Making Cinema at Supinfocom

Anne Brotot (FR)

Jean-Michel Drechsler (FR)

Supinfocom is a French school, with campuses in Valenciennes and Arles, which specializes in teaching computer animation and videogame creation. In addition to offering one of the best formations in animated infography in Europe, Supinfocom dedicates an important part of its curriculum to aspects of filmmaking such as conceptualization, storyboarding, product design, etc.

Anne Brotot, head of studies at the center, will tell us how the school accompanies its students in each and every part of the creative process and talk about the technical and technological learning process by revealing aspects of the school’s particular educational system. Short films produced by the students, which have won prizes in competitions held by Siggraph, Ars Electronica and Annecy, for example, endorse the high standard of education offered by Supinfocom that, this year, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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18:00 Room Mac
Hijos del Agua

Franc Aleu, Director (ES)

David Xirau, Productor (ES)

Created exclusively with modern Virtual Reality techniques and a new and revolutionary sound system, the film Hijos del Agua takes us on a journey that starts at the moment life appeared on our planet and through a fascinating recreation of the evolution of species to the appearance of our not too distant relative, the Homo sapiens.

The producer and the director of this film created for Expo Zaragoza will tell the public at ArtFutura all the secrets of the making-of.

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With its own unmistakable style, Dvein is a leading studio when it comes to design and animation for cinema. It has collaborated with studios with international reputations such as Prologue Films, property of Kyle Cooper, on the development of the credits for films such as Spiderman 3 and Across The Universe.

Dvein is prepared to get involved at any stage of the creative process from conceptualization and storyboarding to the final piece in projects concerning videos or interactives. Their clients include names such as Diesel, National Geographic, American Airlines and the international festival of Digital Culture and Creativity, OFFF.

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19:20 Room Mac
The Dark Knight

Daniel Buhigas (ES) Framestore

Framestore is the most prestigious digital animation and visual effects studio in Europe. Having won the Oscar for the best special effects with “The Golden Compass”, Framestore presents its latest triumph, “Batman The Dark Knight”.

The Catalan Daniel Buhigas, one of the matchmovers responsible for the project, will reveal to ArtFutura the process used in the creation of the digital makeup that gives life to the villain “Two Faces”.

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20:00 Room Mac
Hanson Robotics - Souls and Machines

Kevin Carpenter (EEUU) Hanson Robotics

In Hanson Robotics, they create robots that appear to be human. Their robot-replicate of Albert Einstein is a legend.

During his intervention in ArtFutura, Kevin Carpenter from Hanson Robotics will talk to us about Julio, the anthropomorphic robot that delighted the visitors to the exhibition “Souls and Machines” by singing a song by the prolific David Byrne (co-founder of Talking Heads, photographer, designer, filmmaker and visual artist).
Programmed to sing to the sound of a recording by Byrne, the robot not only moves its month making believe that it is singing, but it is also able to show emotions to the public by means of its face and voice by making them participants of that which “it feels” and “wishes to transmit” with the song.

Kevin will also present Zeno: a robot that is able to see, hear, speak, walk and remember who you are.

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