Conferences 2008

Artfutura 2008

Sunday, 26 october

Videogames + 3D + Awards

Once again, Sunday morning and afternoon will be centered in the universe of videogames along with the 3D-Futura section.
Videogames have become the most powerful aspect of the entertainment industry. Their undeniable impact on contemporary culture and their capacity to create paradigms have led to their consolidation as being a legitimate form of artistic expression within their commercial confines.

The afternoon will close with one of the prominent moments of the festival: the Prize Giving Ceremony.

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11:00 Room Mac

Francisco Jos茅 P茅rez (ES)

Jordi Torras Noguera (ES)

Carlos Abril (ES)

Moderated by Daniel Sánchez-Crespo (SP) Novarama

Times are hard for the economy, but not for videogames. Professionals in this sector are using all sorts of strategies to create new attractive and innovative products.
This year, GamesFutura (in the past: Games in Spain) deals with these proposals. GamesFutura will show how companies (not necessarily very big ones) are opening the way with daring proposals that are creating new channels for industry developing on a local level: downloadable games for the new generation of consoles, buying IPS for DS…
In Spain, there are companies creating real value in an innovative way. And they are in ArtFutura.

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Miguel Campos (ES)

Freddy C贸rdoba (ES)

Daniel Mart铆nez Lara (ES)

Jordi Amor贸s (ES)

Organized and moderated by Santi Fort (SP) - Foundation Barcelona Media
In this edition, we open a debate on models for the optimization of workflows in the production of all sorts of computer animation.

We have years of experience of sitting around a table and contrasting ideas and debating differences of opinion. We intend to deal with themes such as free software (a solution or a problem?) and we ask ourselves if it is possible to reduce costs without cutting quality. The session will deal with questions of the greatest current importance for a sector that is becoming more and more competitive.

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17:00 Room Mac
Digital Legends presents: KROLL

Digital Legends - ANULADO

Steve Jobs presented the first Spanish production for i-Phone in Mac World, San Francisco.
In ArtFutura, Digital Legends will reveal the making of the product and talk about the changes that Apple’s telephone is introducing into the creation and distribution of videogames on the net.

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17:00 Room Mac
Grin presents: WANTED

Supported by the success of the film that starred Angelina Jolie, the Swedish studio Grin – recently installed in Barcelona – is coming to ArtFutura to give a presentation of the much-awaited Wanted, waiting for its lunch next year. 

This is probably the most ambitious production that has ever been carried out in Spain.

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18:00 Room Mac

Ocean Quigley (EEUU)

At last, it is here! Spore, the universe simulator, gives life and evolution to species. It is one of the most looked forward to games of all times. And, without a doubt, one of the most awaited for by the ArtFutura public.
Never before have creation, playability and social networks come together on such an ambitious project and all under the expert management of Will Wright.
Ocean Quigley, Will Wright’s right-hand man and the project’s Art Director, will be present at ArtFutura to talk to us about the creative process and explain how they managed to get a complete universe to fit on a DVD.

Ocean Quigley is fundamental to the studio’s artistic design department. He is the leader and has participated in developments such as Sim Copter, Fult Tilt! Pinball, Streets of SimCity, SimCity 3000, Los Sims, SimCity 4 and Los Sims 2.

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19:00 Room Mac
Prize Award Ceremony 2008

With the Prize Giving Ceremony comes one of the most awaited for moments for ArtFutura: the announcement of the winners of the different competitions that take place during the festival: the ArtFutura Show, the international selection of the best pieces in 3D and digital animation; the 3D in Spain award, the prize that gives recognition to the most outstanding works on a national level, and the LABoral Prize ArtFutura for the creation of Videogames in our country.

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