Conferences 2009

Artfutura 2009

Saturday, 31 october

3D + Motiongraphics + ArtFutura 20

Saturday afternoon includes some of the festival’s most outstanding presentations such as those from the studios Digital Kitchen, Carlye Archibeque from CAF-Siggraph 2009, Charlie Todd from Improv Everywhere and the session dedicated to the 20 editions of ArtFutura.

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From Film to Motiongaphics

Juan Carlos Olmos

Coke Ferreiro y Lucas Elliot

Magnus 脰stergren

Juan Carlos Olmos, from Ilion, will show us some of the animation techniques used in “Planet 51”, a long-awaited Spanish production which is about to be released internationally.

The creative team from the Boolab studio in Barcelona, authors of various pieces selected in the last edition of SIGGRAPH will explain why they characterize their works and how they have managed to obtain such good results.

The Swedish designer and animator Magnus Östergren will present his work method and the criteria that guide the productions of his studio Potemkin. Östergren has won a large number of international prizes. Among his clients are some of the most prestigious companies in the world which he has managed to seduce with his incredible avant-garde proposals.

Moderated by Santi Fort, Fundación Barcelona Media

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Social Networks, Virtual Games

Javier Candeira

The social networks organized around online videogame services provide us with examples of how to align the interests of the participants with the interests of the designers of the systems.

More and more often websites such as  Stack Overflow and Foursquare are using systems inherited from online games from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to create “virtuous circles” to which individual behavior adds to common enjoyment.

In the same way that the massive multiplayer games have been contracting economists to manage their not so virtual finances of their imaginary worlds for some time, designers of interactive systems (alias “websites”) will have to rely on interaction specialists whose job will be indistinguishable to that of videogame designers.

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Vida 12 + ArtFutura Argentina

VIDA - M贸nica Bello
Fundaci贸n Telef贸nica - VIDA

AF Argentina - Macarena Rudman
Mil Producciones

The Fundación Telefónica’s competition VIDA reaches its twelfth edition and renews its commitment to emerging art. Year after year, VIDA proposes a dialogue between art, science technology and society and becomes an interesting showcase onto digital art that shows electronic proposals of all sorts and reflects profoundly on our complex and ambiguous relationship with the technologies and our future identity as human beings.

In April 2009, ArtFutura landed in Argentina for the first time, in the MALBA (the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires), Foundation Constantini. Four days of projections and conferences in which the public could enjoy ArtFutura’s audiovisual program and a selection of works that integrated the local sector.

ArtFutura Buenos Aires, thanks to its first edition, has become what had been a long awaited point of reference for many.
over the last decade The number of creators and producers has substantially multiplied. Although many of them are working on commercial projects for various parts of the world, they find time to dedicate to more artistic productions. In a context in which economic resources are far from abundant, but creativity is in the order of the day, ArtFutura has become an important point of reference of digital culture.

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Siggraph 2009

The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation has been a part of the yearly SIGGRAPH Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques since roughly 1973. By charting the festival's rise alongside the major milestones that led to the rise of the computer graphics industry and arts, this talk analyzes the growth and development of a new age of tools and entertainment that have converged on almost every facet of the social and professional worlds.
Along the way, the history of the festival's production cycle and format will be discussed with the goal of giving the audience a better understanding of this SIGGRAPH program and its relation to: the yearly SIGGRAPH Conference; the Academy Awards; and the digital community at large.

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ArtFutura 20 Editions

Pau Alsina

Montxo Algora

Santi Fort

Javier Candeira

Jos茅 Luis de Vicente

This year, ArtFutura offers its twentieth edition. Twenty years of existence in which the evolution of ArtFutura has marched hand in hand with the evolution of digital culture and the implantation of the new technologies in all walks of life. From the dream of Virtual Reality to the explosion of Internet and the present era of Social Networks, the festival has been a space of constant speculation on the role of technology in our society, culture and art.

Ever since January 1990, when ArtFutura first presented Virtual Reality in Spain, the festival has been under constant review and new themes, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Communities, Internet as Cyborg, Collective Art, Artificial Life or Data Aesthetics have been continually introduced. All together, with the 2009 edition, ArtFutura will have completed 20 editions which will have been attended by more than 500,000 spectators in 19 different cities.

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Digital Kitchen

Digital Kitchen

With offices in New York, Seattle, Chicago and Los Angeles, the North American studios Digital Kitchen wager for creative innovation. They have received numerous prizes for applying avant-garde concepts in their advertising projects, web design and creation in digital content.

Among their clients, some of the most prestigious companies in the world can be found such as Apple, Nike and HBO. They are responsible for the introductions to a number of television series such as "Dexter", "Six Feet Under" and "True Blood".

With the collaboration of OFFF Festival, ArtFutura 2009 will be able to present two of the most outstanding members of the creative team: Rama Allen and Matt Mulder.

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Improv Everywhere

With the social networks, we have seen the appearance of a new type of creativity. A form of creativity that wouldn’t be possible without the exchange of information that networks such as Facebook or YouTube permit. Improv Everywhere have more than 72,000 friends in Facebook and their videos have been seen more than 55 million times on YouTube.

Their performances or practical jokes range from freezing 200 people in Grand Central Station, New York to a fictitious opening in a subway station or generating hilarious mobs spontaneously in public parks.

All together, up until now, there have been 85 “missions” that have involved thousands of participates and one basic rule: laugh, make witty social comment, have a good time… but never insult or humiliate anybody.

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