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Artfutura 2009

Sunday, 1 november

Videogames + 3D + Awards

On Sunday, ArtFutura 2009 will have a principal figure: Tim Schafer. Considered by many a key figure in the evolution of videogames, the creator of Grim Fandango", "Full Throttle" and "Maniac Mansion" will be in Barcelona to present his latest creation: "Brutal Legend".
But, there’s much more: An incomparable panel on Independent Developers, the classic Games in Spain with the best new videogames produced in our country, the presentation of the new and revolutionary game from Novarama. And in the field of 3D, a session that nobody can afford to miss, 25 years of digital animation in Spain. And, of course, the Prize Giving Ceremony 2009: One of the most awaited moments of ArtFutura.

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Independent Developers

Roberto 脕lvarez

Daniel Iborra

David Ferriz

Fernando Piquer


Moderated by Ram贸n Nafria

Independent developer is he who confronts a commission without taking into account so much the market as the desire to do a job well. Within this category we find names such as Roberto Álvarez, of the recently founded and already successful Over The Top, company that launched the successful NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits (before Icarian) in Wii.

The session is to include the presence of Rafael Laetiegui, original member of Pendulo Studios, authors of prestigious international graphic adventures such as Hollywood Monsters and the trilogy Runaway, and David Ferriz, from Devilish Games, digital explorer who seems to have found in flash and in Internet the ideal tools to give free rein to his creativity.

We will also listen to Fernando Piquer’s opinion, person responsible of Bitoon, company with which he is thinking of having a look around games oriented to the multiplayer and who has experience in Bety Byte and Zinkia.

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Games in Spain

Julio Moruno

M贸nica G贸mez

Xavier Robles


Moderated by Ram贸n Nafria

The production chain of a commercial videogame, with the exception of the latest possibilities of direct digital downloads, is composed principally of the developer, distributor and outlet. To these elements, the figure of videogame critic is added.

In order to provide a meeting among representatives from each step, the festival will organize a debate in which Julio Moruno, founder of the prolific studio Enjoy Up, Mónica Gómez, who after being with Zeta Games has become the visible face for the interactive division of the Planeta Group and Xavier Robles, one of the most active journalists of the moment, director of Anaitgames and and collaborator of the prestigious Pc Life and Game Life will participate.

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25 Years of Digital Animation in Spain

Ricardo Montesa

Felix Berges

Juan Tomicic

Xavier Berenguer


Moderated by Santi Fort

Who remembers those psychedelic continuities on television from the early eighties? Those sequential planes that were the norm in 3D animation. We are going back much more than PCs, Macs, Silicon Graphics or 3D Studio. It was a very difficult moment in which to dedicate oneself to animation in Spain because what the clients enjoyed was to get to escape to London for a few days to make a commercial.

Since then, 25 years have gone by and spectacular technological, business and creative changes have taken place. 25 years of challenges and adventures. ArtFutura invites you to meet the pioneers of this profession in an amusing and surprising session that will show us the keys to understanding the present and past of animation in our country.

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Novarama - Invizimals

Dani S谩nchez-Crespo

Invizimals, is the latest production from the Barcelona studio Novarama, an absolutely innovative game. To begin with, it is the first commercial videogame that uses Enhanced Reality. Novarama has managed to mix virtual and real environments in order to create an illusion of credibility never before seen in a videogame.

In addition, for the first time in history, a studio based in Spain is first party to the manufacture of consoles. The studio Novarama has worked elbow to elbow with Sony Computer Entertainment on a project whose complexity and resources give testimony of the growth of the industry of videogames in our country.

Recently completed its development, and just weeks before its worldwide launch, Dani Sánchez-Crespo (Project Lead from Invizimals), talks to us about the 30 months of work that have gone into creating a product of these characteristics in which more than a hundred people from six different countries have participated in to date.

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Tim Schafer

While studying computer science at the University of Berkley, Tim Schafer started working for Lucasfilms helping with the development of the conversion of consoles Manic Mansion and participating in quality control for games such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Later, he worked as programmer and co-scriptwriter of the extremely amusing The Secret of Monkey Island, a game that has made history as one of the most remembered adventures of all times and which led to the sequel Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck Revenge.

Later, he was to direct the second part of Maniac Mansion, called Day of the Tentacle and worked at the top of the studio as of Full Throttle. Continuing with graphic adventures, but going fully into 3D, Schafer directed Grim Fandango, an adventure based on the Mexican "Día de Muertos" (Day of the Dead). It was the last work of Lucasart’s.

In 2000, he created a new company called Double Fine, and in 2005 he launched Psychonauts, a title that mixed genre and which won numerous international prizes. This year, Tim Schafer has directed Brütal Legend, a game distributed by Electronic Arts, which moves around in the mythology of Heavy Metal in order to offer an action adventure with humoristic touches.

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Prize Award Ceremony 2009

With the Prize Giving Ceremony comes one of the most awaited for moments for ArtFutura: the announcement of the winners of the different competitions that take place during the festival: the ArtFutura Show, the international selection of the best pieces in 3D and digital animation; the 3D in Spain award, the prize that gives recognition to the most outstanding works on a national level, and the LABoral Prize ArtFutura for the creation of Videogames in our country.

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The Future is OPEN

Oscar Hormigos
Planet Idea

The ‘Open’ philosophy is based on the premise that to compete (ideas, resources, codes…) increments considerably the quality of numerous projects. There have now been many fields in which we have been able to observe the enormous potential of this philosophy. This very year – and after an intense battle – Wikipedia has beaten Microsoft Encarta. Since this open collaborative project revolutionized the world of encyclopedias and reference material, the majority of initiatives based on conventional models have disappeared or have had to be renewed in some way.

We can see the advantages of sharing on all sorts of scales. From the macro (alliance of civilizations in order to pull out of a global crisis) to the micro (groups in Facebook created to share small interests). It is all a question of being able to understand and incorporate this grand axiom that will mark a generation and transform everything that it touches.

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