Conferences 2009

Artfutura 2009

Friday, 30 october

Design + Architecture + Interaction

ArtFutura continues to dedicate Friday afternoon to design and digital creativity. From virtual reality and the synthetic environments of Fabricators to the architecture with ecological sense by Enric Ruiz Geli and his studio Cloud 9, it has been demonstrated that the new digital tools are tremendously efficient.

In the section of interaction design, OFFF and Héctor Ayuso present the authors of the most outstanding installation of the last festival in Lisbon: Multitouch-Barcelona.

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Franz Fischnaller

F.A.B.R.I.CATORS designs and implements virtual reality applications, simulations, immersive architectural virtual walkthroughs, digital storytelling, interactive narrative, collaborative shared environments, digital productions, innovative interactive experiences, high speed networking project, artistic interactive installations and visualization display systems, creative technological solutions and innovative and intuitive interfaces.

Franz  Fischnaller, Chief Designer, Project and Production Manager of F.A.B.R.I.CATORS
will present the group most recent project: SOE: THE SPACE ON EARTH PROJECT & QUANTUM CITY, an outer-space tech-utopia. SOE combines the elements of urbanism, architecture, high-tech design, technology, a new conception of human habitat, entertainment technology with a new generation’s connectivity and adaptability imbedded with digital technology.

SOE urban design and buildings are inspired by the boundless imaginative power of outer space, orbits, bodies, shapes, cosmological phenomenon, the harmony and the tension that is part of our Universe. The Space Shape Building logarithmic spiral design was inspired by the Milky Way Galaxy. The Zodiac design represents the geometric form of a star-shaped, segmented into twelve sides which denoted the annual cycle of twelve stations along the ecliptic. Space Portal with its smooth shell form expanding toward two aerodynamic edges recalls a freeze-fragment of Cosmos on Earth. The Entertainment Center is a new generation high-tech, intelligent, multi-purpose facility for musical entertainment and performing arts center, Intelligent, multi-purpose facility for musical entertainment and performing arts center. SpaceGateHotel Project: is a high-tech networked and augmented reality multi-purpose hotel and an interactive recreational learning center, in which guests are able to experience the sense of living in outer space first-hand while remaining on Earth. Based on the human drive to explore, live, and dream in space, SPACEGATE is an environment where each guest can taste the experience life in outer space.

Joining architecture, design, technology, science, entertainment technology new generation connectivity and adaptability; the project features unconventional concepts of urbanism and human habitat networked and interactive  augmented  reality  environments, eco-sustainable infrastructures and   intelligent  buildings in which guests experience the sense of living in outer space while on Earth.

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Multitouch-Barcelona is a project that was initiated in 2008 by four youngsters. The group started off with a solid technological base that has expanded to other fields in order to satisfy the curiosity of its members. Presently, the group combines technology with multiple disciplines such as communication, design and interaction.

The principal objective of its integrants is to implicate people in unique experiences. The concept of “user” is too superficial to continue being useful; they prefer to speak of people, of their feelings and their emotions.

One of their latest projects, “HI, a real human interface”, suggests the nature of their focus to experiment with the experiencial. The importance of the human figure becomes evident in this audiovisual project in which there is no better interface than human beings themselves.

In collaboration with OFFF Festival.

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Cloud 9

Cloud 9 - Enric Ruiz Geli

A conference dedicated to reflecting on how our architecture may evolve. What will the façades of the buildings in Barcelona be like? How will they relate to nature and society? What will the relationships between real and virtual environments be like?

Architecture will have to learn from nature, from its logic and its indetermination. A tree is architecture. It has space, temperature, relative humidity, a play on volume and space, atmosphere. How can we reinvent the relationship between our architecture and trees? The trees could be the sensors of our buildings. The trees could inform and decide on the interior comfort of the building.

Enric Ruiz Geli has enjoyed a brilliant career that has taken him from stage design, in which he worked in association with Bob Wilson, to visual art and other institutions. In the architectural laboratory Cloud 9, which he directs, he is developing architecture that learns from nature and that performs with technology.

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