Artfutura 2010

Saturday, 6 november

3D + WLIP + IL&M

Auditorio del MALBA
Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires.

3D + Motiongraphics + We Live in Public + IL&M

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Panorama 3D + Motiongraphics

Franco Bittolo

Santi Idelson

Sergio Fernandez

Edgard Simkin


Moderated by Santi Fort

As every year in ArtFutura, the computer animation community has a space for sharing and debating. Santi Fort from Barcelona Media, moderates this round table which includes the participation of a number of outstanding Argentinian artists and a revision of the creative panorama in Spain.
A forum for meeting and debate indispensable for the digital animation community.
We will bring together creators who undertake animation from, although interrelated, very different points of view: independent production, production for large-scale projects, production open to the world. Various outstanding projects created for the international market will also be presented.

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We Live in Public

Josh Harris

Jeff Gompertz

Ignacio Platas


Moderated by Vicente Matallana

We Live in Public is an extraordinary film about the social networks and privacy on Internet that won the last edition of the Sundance Film Festival and which forms part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MOMA)
Directed by Ondi Timoner, the documentary explores the experiences of Josh Harris and his company Pseudo in the New York of the end of the Millennium. Before broadband and many of the services that today we consider to be indispensable existed, Harris sensed with great clairvoyance the consequences that Internet could have on our lives.
ArtFutura 2010 presents the first showing of the documentary along with exclusive material provided by Josh Harris himself who will participate personally in the conferences in Buenos Aires together with Jeff Gompertz, Vicente Matallana and Ignacio Platas.

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Industrial Light & Magic

Pablo Helman

Industrial Light & Magic is a dreams factory. A place in which, thanks to special effects, magical scenes have made it possible for the language of sensationalist cinema to evolve. Over the last 35 years, led by George Lucas, they have created fantasies and have never ceased to surprise us.
They have created special effects for films such as Poltergeist, The Goonies, Return to the Future, Jurassic park, Men in Black, Caribbean Pirates, The War of the Worlds and for more recent titles such as Twilight and Avatar.
Pablo Helman was born in Buenos Aires 51 years ago and is considered to be a maestro in special effects. He has worked on a countless number of films creating special effects for scenes we will never forget.
Thanks to his participation, the film War of the Worlds was nomitated for the Oscar for best special effects. However, he is probably much better-known for his work in the Star Wars saga.
He has also participated in action films such as Men in Black, Deep Impact, Indiana Jones or the Kingdom of the Cristal Skull. One of his most noticeable works was recreating the Twin Towers at the end of Spielberg’s, film Munich. The latest film he has participated in is Airbender: The Last Warrior, an animated film based on the series Avatar, The Legend of Aang.

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