Artfutura 2010

Sunday, 7 november


Videogames + Estudios Mariscal + Awards Ceremony

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Andres Chilkowski
NGD Studios

Nicolas Cuneo
Tree Melons


Moderated by Ramón Nafria

Moderated by Marcos Amadeo
Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

A portrait of each of the periods, initiatives, developments and movements related to the development of interactive digital entertainment in all Spanish speaking countries.
The development of videos games started in the USA at the end of the 1950’s under Willy Higginbotham’s control with the title Tennis for Two and up until now we have been able to see a multitude of platforms, machines, tools, characters, game devices and companies that have been defining the media’s present complex panorama.
Presently, there are proposals in Spanish speaking regions that lead to the development of some 200 titles a year, some of which are outstanding successes at an international level. The community of companies dedicated to development has grown into the hundreds. And the importance of the Latin presence, which has led to the creation of events and associations of its own, is becoming clearer.
Ramón Nafria, with the collaboration of various Argentinian artists, will study the different points of view, as much commercial as creative, and he will bring us up to date as far as videogame creation, advergaming, virtual worlds and other interactive audiovisual forms are concerned. Reviewing all of the aspects of a media that has ceased to be vanguard to become contemporary culture in the 21st century.

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Tono Errando - Estudio Mariscal

Presentation undertaken by Tono Errando, co-director, along with Javier Mariscal and Fernando Trueba, of the animated film “Chico & Rita”.
"Chico y Rita" is more than a love story. It is a work of art within the panorama of animation. Cared for to its last detail, the film was first shot with real actors in order to give greater realism to the illustrations and to give movement to the characters.
A portrait of the Havana of the 1940’s with the love story between a Cuban pianist and Cuban singer as testament to the effervescence jazz of the times.
With music from Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, the Cuban Chano Pozo, and with Bebo Valdés, interpreting Chico’s songs, the film shows us the color and passion of Cuba.

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Argentinian Segment + Presentation of Awards 2010

In this third edition of ArtFutura in Buenos Aires, we will show the best of 3D, animation and motion graphics from our country, brought together in Argentinian Segment.

We will finalize with on of the most awaited moments: the announcement of the winners of the ARTFUTURA 2010 AWARDS for the different competitions that take place during the festival.

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