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Art & Science Towards Biodiversity

Lino Barañao (Sr. Ministro de Ciencia y Tecnología)

Diana Bellesi / MartĂ­n Bonadeo

Mario Di Bitetti / Hannah Collins

LucĂ­a Golluscio

Carmelo Sardinas (Tayta Ullpu)


Moderated by Patricia SaragĂĽeta

Scientists and artists interested in cultural transformation and the conservation of original faunas use the new technologies for the acquisition of knowledge and representation.

With the presence of the investigator Lucía Golluscio, ethno-linguist specialized in languages in danger of extinction in the Gran Chaco area, along with the artists Martín Bonadeo, Argentinian artist using new technologies, Hannah Collins, contemporary English artist resident in Barcelona and Diana Bellesi, Argentinian poet.

As special guest, Tayta Ullpu, spiritual leader descendent from the original Quechua culture and who has collaborated on the project ‘Liberation of Condors’ carried out by the Fundación Bioandina.

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Dr. José Lino Barañao

Julio Le Parc / Gyula Kosice

Leo Nuñez / Mariano Sigman

Juan Santos / Silvano Zanuto


Moderated by Patricia SaragĂĽeta

Is it possible to build machines that, faced with new situations, respond with new answers?
The artist invents and uses devices. Whether they are functional or not doesn’t matter. The scientist can only uphold what he understands and only if it is new and reproducible. An artist’s resources generate systems that manifest new realities that have not been foretold by the scientist and they become a tool for exploration in the reconstruction of human sensitivity.
At this table, we will find scientists concerned with understanding how neurons create perceptions and knowledge, and artists who use intelligent design in their representations.

With the participation of:
Dr. José Lino Barañao, Minister of Science, Technology and productive Innovation.
Julio Le Parc, artist.
Dr. Mariano Sigman, professor in the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences.
Gyula Kosice, artist.
Dr. Juan Santos, professor in the Department of Computing of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (UBA) and director of the group of Computing Intelligence Applied to Cooperative Robotics.
Leo Nuñez, artist.
Dr. Silvano Zanuto, Director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the UBA.

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Passion Pictures

Passion Pictures, one of the most innovative studies in digital imagery will be represented by Michael Adamo, executive producer of the London based company.
Winners of an Oscar and with various BAFTA awards behind them, not to mention the prizes they have won at festivals such as Sundance and Annecy, their most outstanding work in animation includes the videogame The Beatles Rockband, the commercial for Sony Bravia (with the Plasticine rabbits in the middle of New York) and the revolutionary videoclips for Gorillaz directed by Peter Candeland.

Passion Pictures was founded in 1987 in London as a company specialising in animation for commercials.  Today Passion Pictures is a world class independent production company with offices in Paris, Melbourne and New York.  In addition to animation, Passion Pictures has also produced over 30 award winning documentary titles including One Day in September which won an Academy Award in 2000.

Passion Pictures is an incredibly diverse film studio working across numerous techniques and genres.  Uniting all of this disparate work is great character and story.  The animation studio in particular has built its success on the back of great characters.  Executive producer Michael Adamo explores the secret of that success and discusses how to create great characters for animation.

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