Artfutura 2011

Saturday, 22 october

Digital Art + 3D + New Media

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Ehime Daruma

Jaime de los Ríos

Patxi Araujo


Moderated by Santi Fort

Ehime Daruma explores the relationships between organic and technological bodies, fuels her meaning through behaviors that arise between the piece and the active presence of the public and questions the role of the public as an actor, performer, interpreter and/or spectator as well as that of her own as a finished piece of work.

Patxi Araujo (Iruña-Pamplona, 1967) is an artist working and investigating into the relationships between art, present-day technology and its poetry when taken to the sphere of the stage, installation and events of an immersive and interactive nature within the environment of visual programming.

Jaime de los Ríos (San Sebastián, 1982), Media-Artist and founder of the laboratory for collaborative creation Artek[Lab]; Art and Science. His career is centered on the intersection of these disciplines and Systemics especially related to natural mechanisms, rhythms and patterns.

AUDIOLAB is a platform for experimentation in the area of music and sound that takes, as a starting point, investigation into the fields of creation, development and the influences of proposals of this nature by showing and supporting works from local and international artists.

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Vando Studio

Kepa Casado


Moderated by Santi Fort

Kepa Casado is CG Supervisor and founder of Vando Studio, together with his partners Hugo García (Animation Supervisor) and Javier León (Art Director).

Born in Bilbao, Kepa started his passion for computer graphics twelve years ago, when learning the trade meant being essentially self-taught.

Vando Studio, based in Barcelona, specialize in 3D Animation, Visual Effects and Post Production.  Their work is directed towards the film industry, advertising and videogames.

Only 8 months old, Vando have become one of the most brilliant studios in the international panorama, having produced works for countries as diverse as USA, Sweden, Indonesia and Australia.

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Álvaro Rey
Waskman en Facebook


Moderated by Montxo Algora

Alvaro Rey is another "bilbaino" with international projection, having done work for studios such as Pencil (Dublin), Tomato (London) and Greyworld (London).

He is currently CEO of Waskman, the studios that have established a most direct approach to interactive advertising campaigns. Waskman have done work for their campaigns for Nokia, Vodafone, Motorola and Diesel.

Their projects have won awards such as the Grand Prix CyberLion Cannes, Clio Silver, Best International Campaign at the Inspirational Festival, and several awards at

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Rosto - The Monster of Nix



Moderated by Carolina López

Rosto – designer, filmmaker and musician – has released a new work in digital animation: The Monster of Nix. His singular style, admired by Terry Gilliam, and his solid work on short films and videoclips situates him among the most recognized (and recognizable) contemporary European animators.

Over the course of time, Rostro has evolved from graphics to animation, with echoes in his work of David Carson or Dave McKean, to a more cinematographic atmosphere in which, the author notes, he does not lack the influence of David Lynch.

His characters inhabit a dark world full of dreams and nightmares. His characters are obsessive, prepared to commit impossible gestures while losing themselves in their own mental mazes.

The Monster of Nix features the voices of Tom Waits and Terry Gilliam and music from The Residents and .

His first short film Beheaded (1999), along with Anglobilly Feverson (2002), first shown at the festival of Rotterdam and Jona/Tomberry (2005), awarded at the festival of Cannes, make up the trilogy Mind My Gap and have situated Rostro on the international map of cinema and animation festivals.

Big White/Big Black (2006), The Wreckers: No Place like Home (2008) are other films that have arisen along the lines of Mind My Gap and the sound of its group Thee Wreckers.

The Monster of Nix narrates the adventures of Willy when his village in destroyed by an all-consuming monster. Willy runs off to the forest in search of his grandmother and finds a complete carnival of fantastic characters that are comparable to some of the monsters of the maestro Ladislaw Starewicz in the infernal fiesta of Fétiche Mascotte.

This is his most narrative work and, for the first time, a film supposedly suitable for all ages.

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