Artfutura 2011

Sunday, 23 october

Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere videos are among the most seen in the history of Internet and their page on Facebook has more than 230,000 fans. Their “missions” have been viewed more than 180 million times on YouTube.

Artists invited sunday, 23

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Improv Everywhere / Experimento MP3 Bilbao

Joan Alvares

Charlie Todd

Charlie Todd had the idea for the MP3 Experiment when he noticed that on the New York subway every day, there were more people traveling while isolated by their iPod earphones. He thought it would be amusing if one day, all of these people were to listen to the same music mixed with a voice giving instructions and encouraging them to dance with each other, to suddenly freeze or to play different games. All of this would cause very amusing scenes among the participants and would be hilarious for the rest of the people who had no idea of what was going on. It would also give everyone something really funny to talk about when they got home or to work.

This is what the MP3 Experiment is, one person’s idea which, thanks to the social networks, thousands around the world have made a reality. The last Mp3 Experiment in New York, involved 4,000 people.
 This sesión will be directed by Joan Alvares, producer of the recent Experimento MP3 Bilbao and will count with the participation of Charlie Todd by videoconference from Nueva York.

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