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Artfutura 2008

An important part of the ArtFutura 2008 program will be dedicated to the exhibition “Souls and Machines”. Some of the most emblematic works from the exhibition will be present at the festival during which a symposium will also be held as well as the first showing of the documentary “Souls and Machines” which has been produced specially for this edition.

“Souls and Machines” – promoted by ArtFutura and GaleríaFutura and curated by Montxo Algora and José Luis de Vicente – was opened on the 26 June in the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Madrid and runned until the 12 October 2008. The exhibition received more than 350,000 visitors.

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Sachiko Kodama

Due to causes beyond our control, the "Morpho Towers" of Sachiko Kodama won't be shown in Barcelona.

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Evru (born Alberto Porta and known as Evru since 2001) has followed a decidedly personal career path in which all other concepts are subordinate to his determination to depict a reality that he himself has conceptualised in the Evrugo Mental State, of which he is artist, scientist and mystic. In this context, he incorporates digital technology to explore the potential of computer networks in the mind-body interconnection.

TECURA is an interactive application for audiovisual creation on the net, generated using tools created by the artist which place a bank of images and sounds at the users’ disposal so they can make their own artistic creations. It is something like a “digital painting workshop” comprising a CPU, a screen, a printer and the TECURA programme – equipped with paintbrushes, backgrounds, templates, etc. – which when connected to a digital camera via a USB port allows files on the local hard drive to be imported from an internal or WAN network. In this way, Evru proposes the decentralisation of the author in favour of a new democratisation of art.

Work on TECURA began in 1999. In 2008, Evru has developed the 4.0 version and has added the platform.

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Hanson Robotics - Zeno

Hanson’s character robots captivate people with the world’s best robotic facial expressions and amazing conversational capabilities attained through artificial intelligence (AI) software and patented materials and mechanical innovations.

These robots actually see your face, make eye contact with you, and understand speech to engage you in witty dialogue. These breakthrough technologies in artificial intelligence and humanlike gestures create the impression that the robots are truly aware and caring.

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