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Arts Santa Mónica

La Rambla 7
08002 Barcelona

Exhibition + Projections
from 29th October to 15th November
Entrance Free

Sachiko Kodama - Sculpture Garden
ArtFutura presents for the first time in Barcelona two works by the Japanese artist Sachiko Kodama from the exhibition “Souls and Machines”.

The surprising techniques that Sachiko Kodama develops in his projects have no precedents in contemporary artistic practices as much within as outside the field of digital arts. His work is an example of how scientific investigation can expand the expressive vocabulary of today’s artists.

Kodama’s work is based on the study and manipulation of some particular substances: ferrofluids whose properties are, when seen, almost magical. Ferrofluids are liquids that due to their metallic content hold magnetic properties and respond to the proximity of magnetic fields by vibrating and changing shape. By means of computer systems, the artist controls the strength of these magnetic fields in order to control the liquid’s response with precision.

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ArtFutura 1990 - 2009 "Modern Archeology"
This year, ArtFutura offers its twentieth edition. Twenty years of existence in which the evolution of ArtFutura has marched hand in hand with the evolution of digital culture and the implantation of the new technologies in all walks of life.

Ever since January 1990, when ArtFutura first presented Virtual Reality in Spain, the festival has been under constant review and new themes, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Communities, Internet as Cyborg, Collective Art, Artificial Life or Data Aesthetics have been continually introduced. 

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