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ArtFutura SP 2014

“Quando digo explorar o mundo, o que seria? – a meu ver o que deve ser é que eu estaria cogitando da possibilidade especial quanto à atividadecomportamento individual na qual postos de lado todos os hang-ups que nos ligam ao ambiente-terra imediato onde “crescemos” e o convívio compulsório que daí advem e nos lançamos on our own numa condição de explorar (nem que seja por um instante) e conhecer o que não se conhece e nesse instante o MUNDO torna-se SHELTER: se isso se torna motivo para contínuo experimentar assume-se o experimental” (Helio Oiticica)

São Paulo is one of the metropolises of America and the world, one of the most important financial centers, the city "that cannot stop".
This year ArtFutura arrives to São Paulo’s in its first edition and explores the process in the production of contemporary art and the relationship between technology and human sustainability.

The old ways are scarce and the new ones are in process. We are facing a multitude of media, systems, tools, formats, options, representations, configurations, (inter) relationships to be experienced.

Perhaps the great Digital Promise is combining art, design and technology to rethink the whole lifecycle of the artifacts, and even the relationship between the people and the technological objects. A sustainable digital future, where scientific knowledge and technology are applied for a better world.

Based on this thought, the curatorship for the inaugural ArtFutura SP edition proposes, through a series of installations, a dialogue between the concepts of Sustainability / Art / Design / Technology, making a direct analogy with human behavior and its position in the world today.

ArtFutura SP 2014 will be held with the support of espacio/galleria Art’er and Estudio Mobile.

Feauturing brazilian artists Lina Lopes, Martin Cobelo, Karina Montenegro, Aieda Freitas, Paulo o’Meira, Marcelo Pasqua, Pablo Benitez Tiscornia and Luis Leão.

The importance of ArtFutura in São Paulo is to reaffirm these artists that work with art and technology and to collaborate in the strengthening of digital culture in America.

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