Intro - ArtFutura 2008

Souls and Machines

23 - 26 October

The nineteenth edition of ArtFutura will take place from the 23 to the 26 October with an extensive program that will explore the most important projects on the international panorama of new media, interactive design, videogames and digital animation.

Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, the festival’s nerve center, will be the venue for four intensive days of presentations, conferences, workshops and interactive installations.

Simultaneously, in museums and cultural centers in another 9 cities (Alicante, Cadiz, Gijon, Madrid, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Valladolid, Vigo and Zaragoza) thanks to Circuito Futura, an extensive audiovisual program will also be available.

ArtFutura 2008 dedicates a substantial part of its program in Barcelona to the exhibition “Souls and Machines” with a symposium, a documentary and the presence of some of the works from the show.

“Souls and Machines” – promoted by ArtFutura and GaleriaFutura and curated by Montxo Algora and José Luis de Vicente – was opened on the 26 June in the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Madrid and runs to the 14 October 2008. To date, the exhibition has received more than 350,000 visitors. 

The exhibition presents essential pieces of digital art created over the last decade along with works made purposely for the show.
“Souls and Machines” shown in Madrid Paul Friedlander’s light sculptures, Sachiko Kodama’s ferro fluid sculptures and Theo Jansen’s beach creatures along with works by John Maeda, Daniel Rozin, Chico McMurtrie, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Daniel Canogar, Evru, David Byrne and David Hanson, Vuk Ćosić, Pierre Huyghe, Harun Farocki, Muntadas, Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, Antoni Abad and Natalie Jeremijenko. More info in: Máquinas&Almas - Artists


ArtFutura will also dedicate its attention to the universe of videogames. Videogames have become the most powerful aspect of the entertainment industry with their undeniable impact on contemporary culture and their capacity to create paradigms. And, in their thirty years of history, they have consolidated themselves as a legitimate form of artistic expression within their commercial area.

ArtFutura 2008 includes an in depth view of Spore, one of the most looked forward to games of all times. In order to do this, Ocean Quigley, the project’s Art Director and Will Wright’s right-hand man since the beginnings of Maxis Studios, will be participating in the festival.

Ocean Quigley is fundamental to the studio’s artistic design department. He leads the team and has participated in developments such as Sim Copter, Fult Tilt! Pinball, Streets of SimCity, SimCity 3000, Los Sims, SimCity 4 and Los Sims 2. Ocean will talk to us about the creative process and explain how they managed to get a complete universe to fit on a DVD.


ArtFutura will also give coverage of the new directions in the field of digital design with particular emphasis on projects created this year for Expo Zaragoza. Among these is the three-dimensional film “Hijos del Agua” (directed by Manuel Huerga and Franc Aleu / Urano) and “Splash” (the surprising floating sculpture by Program Collective  and Pere Gifre / Ikonic Arts).

ArtFutura will also present the collective Bestiario, creators of the most fascinating data visualizations. A couple of examples: Videosphere and Water.

Héctor Ayuso will bring us some of the best of OFFF Lisbon with one of the outstanding interventions from the festival’s last edition: Fallon UK, a communications group based in London that has the objective of becoming the most creative agency in the world. 


In Hanson Robotics, they create robots that appear to be human. Their robot-replica of Albert Einstein is a legend.

During his intervention in ArtFutura, Kevin Carpenter will talk to us about Julio, the anthropomorphic robot that delighted the visitors to the exhibition “Souls and Machines” by singing a song by the prolific David Byrne  (co-founder of Talking Heads, photographer, designer, filmmaker and visual artist).

Programmed to sing to the sound of a recording by Byrne, the robot not only moves its month making believe that it is singing, but it is also able to show emotions to the public by means of its face and voice to make them participants of that which “it feels” and “wishes to transmit” with the song.


ArtFutura 2008 has an audiovisual program that will be shared by all of the cities that form part of CircuitoFutura. This includes more than eight hours of high-impact images which use the latest contributions from the field of digital culture, videogames and special effects. Among the specials featured are: the documentary “Souls and Machines”, the film “The Net”  by Lutz Dammbeck, the special on the French school Supinfocom and a retrospective of Satoshi Tomioka, the well-known Japanese digital animation author.

These are just some examples of the great variety of activities on offer at the coming edition of ArtFutura. More information about conferences and presentations at ArtFutura 2008 is available in: Conferences

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