ArtFutura 2010

We Live in Public

4 - 7 November 2010

ArtFutura, the festival of culture and digital creativity of reference in Spain, crosses frontiers.
For the first time, during the month of November, the conferences and main exhibitions are held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the same time, ArtFutura extends its wager for a festival on a network, Circuit Futura. Fifteen cities present the Audiovisual Program including Alicante, Andorra, Barcelona, Gijon, Granada, Huarte-Pamplona, Madrid, Murcia, Palma de Majorca, Segovia, Tenerife, Valladolid, Vigo and Zaragoza.


This year’s edition features as principal documentary “We Live in Public”. An extraordinary film about social networks and privacy on Internet, which won the last edition of Sundance and which forms part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MOMA).

Directed by Ondi Timoner, the documentary explores Josh Harris’ and his company Pseudo’s experiences in the New York of the end of the Millennium and the companies.
Before the existence of broadband and many of the services we consider to be indispensable today, Harris sensed - with great clear-sightedness - the consequences of our new life on Internet and the arrival of the social networks.

ArtFutura 2010 presents the first showing of the documentary, subtitled in Spanish, along with other exclusive material facilitated by Josh Harris himself who will participate personally in the conferences in Buenos Aires, together with Jeff Gompertz, Vicente Matallana and Ignacio Platas.

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As in recent editions, ArtFutura will share its audiovisual program by network with more than 15 cities. The program includes eight hours of high impact images with the latest contributions in 3D animation, Motiongraphics, videogames and special effects.

The program will include documentaries like “We Live in Public”, selections of 3D animation (“ArtFutura Show” and “3D in Spanish”), a special dedicated to Passion Pictures, the selection “Futura Graphics” (Motiongraphics, virals and videoclips) and a new section: World Wide Work (dedicated to creativity on Internet).
The Audiovisual Program on Futura Circuit  will be projected simultaneously in fifteen cities throughout the months of November and December: Alicante, Andorra, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Gijon, Granada, Huarte-Pamplona, Madrid, Murcia, Palma (Majorca), Segovia, Tenerife, Valladolid, Vigo and Zaragoza.

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Passion Pictures is synonymous to innovation and excellence in the field of documentary and animated cinema. With an independent spirit, but internationally acclaimed (it has received awards from the Academy of Hollywood, the Sundance Festival and the Festival of Annecy), this London based company also has offices in Paris and Sydney.

Michael Adamo, executive producer, will present their best works in Buenos Aires including the commercial for Sony Bravia (with plasticine rabbits in the center of New York), the revolutionary videoclips of Gorillaz directed by Peter Candeland and the animation for The Beatles Rockband videogame.
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Another of the outstanding projects of this edition is the presentation by Javier Mariscal of the animated film “Chico & Rita” jointly directed by Tono Errando and Fernando Trueba
A portrait of Havana of the 1940’s with a love story between a Cuban pianist and Cuban singer as witnesses to the effervescence jazz of the time. With music by Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and the Cuban Chano Pozo, and with Bebo Valdés interpreting Chico’s songs, the film shows us the color and passion of Cuba.

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Industrial Light & Magic is a dreams factory. A place in which, thanks to the special effects, magical scenes are created that have made it possible for the language of sensational cinema to evolve. Over the last 35 years, led by George Lucas,they have created fantasies that have never ceased to surprise us.

They have created special effect
s for films such as Poltergeist, The Goonies, Return to the Future, Jurassic Park, Men in Black, Caribbean Pirates, The War of the Worlds as well as more recent titles such as Twilight and Avatar.

Pablo Helman was born in Buenos Aires 51 years ago and is considered to be a maestro of special effects. He has worked on a countless number of films creating special effects for unforgettable scenes.

Thanks to his participation on the film, The War of the Worlds won an Oscar although he is probably much better-known for his work on the Star Wars saga.

He has also participated in action films such as Men in Black, Deep Impact and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cristal Skull. One of his most remarkable works was to recreate the Twin Towers for the end of Spielberg’s film Munich. The latest film in which he has participated was The Last Airbender, an animated film based on the series Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

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