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September 11, 10:00

Since early September we have a new website. You can access it through this link:

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May 25, 0-1:0-1

ArtFutura advances dates and theme of its next edition: from Virtual Reality to Augmented...

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February 15, 10:00

The Metropolis TV program at TVE - La2 dedicates Read more

December 10, 10:10

ArtFutura 2015 at MALBA Museum Buenos Aires. More information: 90+10

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November 12, 11:00

ArtFutura arrives to Lisbon starting November 19. Opening on...

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November 2, 11:00

ArtFutura 2015 arrives at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid starting on...

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November 1, 10:00

Now you can access and download the new catalog 2015 at: Read more

October 20, 17:00

ArtFutura is also presented this year for the first time in...

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September 2, 10:10

ArtFutura will be presented this year for the first time in Lisbon starting November 18th within the Mostra Espanha 2015 program in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Plataforma...

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June 1, 10:00

ArtFutura welcomes proposals for its next edition 2015:

- Audiovisuals: Any work that you might consider it would fit in our program. Please take a look at the audiovisual programs of...

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December 18, 12:00

ArtFutura announces the awards for its 2014 edition. The 3D Futura Show Award goes to "Wrapped" by Kälin, Paeper & Wittmann and the Futura Graphics Award goes to "Lapse"...

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December 9, 10:00

ArtFutura 2014 arrives to the MALBA Museum in Buenos...

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December 5, 10:00

This weekend, ArtFutura 2014 arrives to Tenerife and Vitoria-Gasteiz. More information at EspacioEnter and Read more

December 1, 12:00

Today Monday, December 1st, TVE - La 2 emits for the first time the documentary "The Digital Promise", at 20:55 hours.

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October 28, 10:00

You can access and download the full catalog of ArtFutura Read more

October 22, 12:00

Johnny Wilson, alma mater of Eclectic Method will be in Barcelona to present their special selection for Artfutura 2014.

The Eclectic Method remixes have appeared on CNN...

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October 1, 12:00

ArtFutura arrives the 6th of November to more than 20 cities with the theme "The Digital Promise" and the world  premiere of the documentary of the same title.
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July 20, 10:00

ArtFutura 2014 in Montevideo and Sao Paulo starting the 6th of November.

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March 20, 12:00

ArtFutura advances the dates for its next edition 2014 in Barcelona: November 7th, 8th and 9th.

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January 3, 10:00

ArtFutura in MediaLab Prado in Madrid between the 6th and 8th of February. More information: ArtFutura...

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November 28, 14:00

ArtFutura 2013 starting the 29th of November in Tenerife (Canary Islands). + info: Read more

November 14, 12:00

This November 15th, ArtFutura 2013 is presented  in...

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November 7, 10:00

ArtFutura 2013 in Buenos Aires from 7th to 9th of November at the MALBA Museum. More information: ArtFutura...

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November 1, 12:00

Today Friday November 1st Artfutura opens in Barcelona, Montevideo and Palma de Mallorca.

In Barcelona, the Inaugural Session is held at 19:00pm at Sala Teatre CCCB. The Special Program includes a...

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October 28, 12:00

ArtFutura 2013: Inauguration on the 1st of November at the CCCB from Barcelona. And drinks at Fabrica Moritz. Free entrance. More information and program at: Read more

October 27, 12:00

You already can access and...

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October 10, 10:00

INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE will be presented at Art Futura 2013. TA great documentary of Canadian filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot showing the struggle of three independent game developers.

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October 1, 11:00

Artfutura 2013 will include a special on The Creators...

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September 1, 10:00

ArtFutura 2013. Starting the 1st of November. Barcelona, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Montevideo... "Feeding the Web".
More information soon.

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March 10, 12:00

ArtFutura in Lima, Perú: 18, 19 and 20 of April. More information at CITIES.

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December 12, 12:00

ArtFutura 2012 arrives to Madrid. Next Monday...

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November 20, 10:00

Next 24th of November is the day for the presentation of ArtFutura's new edition at the GAM from Santiago de Chile. More information at: Read more

November 7, 09:00

Today 7th of November starts ArtFutura at Montevideo. The exhibition will be open until November 17th.

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October 28, 12:00

ArtFutura 2012 at the CCCB from Barcelona starting November 2. You can check the schedule at: Read more

October 24, 14:00

ArtFutura will present the "Beach Beasts" of Theo Jansen in Montevideo from the 7th to the 17th of November.
Theo Jansen's works were recently shown at  Technopolis Buenos Aires...

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October 17, 10:00

You can already see the promotional video of ArtFutura 2012 in Vimeo: AF 2012 HD

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October 10, 14:00

Paul Friedlander will present in Montevideo a new installation entitled "Spinning Cosmos", inspired by the work of Michael Longo, a light installation that uses the astronomer databases, including close...

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September 10, 10:00

ArtFutura and GaleríaFutura present their Read more

July 2, 10:00

We are working on our next edition. November in...

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March 1, 10:00

You can access our catalogs for free at this link:

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November 22, 10:00

ArtFutura 2011 in Chile. Wednesday 23rd of November at Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda from Santiago de Chile, one of the most...

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November 17, 11:00

Between the 17th and the 20th of November ArtFutura 2011 is shown in Tenerife. More information at EspacioEnterRead more

November 7, 11:00

ArtFutura 2011 arrives to Buenos Aires. Starting Friday 11th. Schedule and program at:
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October 26, 11:00

“Paths of Hate” by Damian Nenow has been selected by the jury as the winner of the ArtFutura Show 2011 Award.

You can watch the trailer at our blog: Read more

October 25, 11:00

ArtFutura ends its last edition at Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid. But the festival continues over the next weeks at Buenos Aires, Palma de Mallorca, Murcia, Santiago de Chile, Valladolid, Vigo...
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October 14, 10:00

Now available online the Schedule for ArtFutura 2011 at AlhóndigaBilbao.
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September 30, 10:00

Please find online the contents of the Audiovisual Program for ArtFutura 2011.Read more

September 3, 20:00

Great MP3 Experiment at Bilbao. You can check the reactions at EMP3 Facebook. Thanks to all the participants.

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August 9, 11:00

ArtFutura at Google+. You can follow us at: ArtFutura@Google+

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July 26, 11:00

Tecnópolis reaches a million visitors. The technological fair organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology from Argentina reaches its first million spectators.
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July 20, 16:00

ArtFutura in collaboration with Milproducciones presents in Buenos Aires the David Hanson's robots. Within the activities of Tecnópolis that's held until the end of August. More information at: Read more

July 14, 16:00

Today opens "ArtFutura XXI" at AlhóndigaBilbao. A review of the aesthetics and thought of the digital culture from the...

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February 4, 11:00

ArtFutura’s new catalog “We Live in Public” is already available. You can read it online and download it at this link: Read more

December 20, 14:00

ArtFutura in Gijón between the 27th and the 30th of December. Presented by LABoral at the...

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November 18, 10:00

ArtFutura at Tenerife between the 26th and the 28th of November at Espacio Enter. More information at: Program.

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November 10, 12:00

ArtFutura 2010 for the first time @ Andorra between the 10th and the 14 of November. Further information at Goverrn...

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November 10, 10:00

This weekend, last days of the ArtFutura 2010 projections at Barcelona and Madrid.
More information at Read more

November 9, 10:00

The Buenos Aires edition closed with an attendance of more than 7.500 espectators. But ArtFutura 2010 continues at Alicante, Andorra, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Murcia,...

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November 7, 10:00

New images from ArtFutura 2010 Buenos Aires activities at Facebook ArtFutura.
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October 31, 18:00

Today at La Nación (Argentina) Sunday Magazine: The interview Read more

October 28, 18:00

Josh Harris at "The battle for privacy is already lost".
It's an advance of the interview that publishes this weekend La Nación. You can find the article (in Spanish) at: Read more

October 27, 11:00

ArtFutura at Palma de Mallorca. Beginning the 4th of November. More information at: ArtFutura - Es Baluard
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October 26, 11:00

This year ArtFutura's Audiovisual Program gets shown in Madrid at the Fundación Telefónica Auditorium located in Gran Vía.
Between the 6th and the 14th of November....

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October 15, 12:00

Passion Pictures at ArtFutura Buenos Aires 2010.
Passion Pictures is synonymous to innovation and excellence .
The selection of works presented in ArtFutura 2010 include the revolutionary...

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September 1, 10:00

You are welcome to visit the new ArtFutura's website at Argentina:

You can find further information on our new edition both at this...

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May 11, 11:00

ArtFutura 2010: 3 - 7 November at MALBA, Centro Cultural Recoleta and other venues, Buenos Aires.
More info at:: Read more

March 18, 12:00

It's already available online our last catalog: ArtFutura - 20 Editions. Free Download.

Includes broad information and images on all...

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March 1, 12:00

ArtFutura Is broadening its database. With new texts and images of its 20 first editions.

You can access it through our Read more

December 15, 12:00

ArtFutura at LABoral Gijón. 27th to 30th of December.

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November 18, 09:00

Edward Shanken at Es Baluard.  Coinciding with the activities of ArtFutura 2009, this Wednesday 18th takes place the conference of the professor...

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November 17, 11:00

ArtFutura 2009 closes its activities in ten cities with more than 18.000 spectators. 
ArtFutura closed this Sunday its activities in Barcelona. During the past two weeks a total of...

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November 10, 12:00

Last days of the exhibition Modern Archeology and Sachiko Kodama's works at the Arts Santa Mònica. Until the 15th of November. More information at Read more

November 7, 12:00

ArtFutura Buenos Aires - 5th to 8th of November - Second Edition of ArtFutura at MALBA, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, Avda. Figueroa Alcorta 3415. With a presentation of Read more

November 6, 14:00

On Friday 6th takes place the projection of A Green New Deal on the façade of the Arts Santa Mónica building between 21.00 y 22.00h.

More information at: Read more

November 3, 12:00

EXPERIMENTO MP3 - Compilation of all the lnks with videos, photos and news at BLOGFUTURA

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October 28, 12:00

Carlye Archibeque, Director of the Siggraph's CAF 2009 offers a presenation on Thursday 29th at the Espacio CAMON in Alicante. More information at Read more

October 24, 10:30

Published today Saturday at EL PAÍS - Babelia The Art of living the Future by...

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October 5, 10:00

Tim Schafer confirmed as key note speaker at ArtFutura 2009. The creator of Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and Maniac Mansion will be in Barcelona on Sunday 1st of November introducing his new game...

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September 30, 14:00

ArtFutura has opened its shelf at Issuu and through it you can access last year's...

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September 24, 12:00

To obtain Media Credentials for ArtFutura 2009 please write before the 14th of October to with the following information:
Complete name, media, e-mail and contact telephone.Read more

September 18, 12:00

You can find already online the Advance Program of ArtFutura's next editionIntro AF2009

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June 1, 10:00

ArtFutura in FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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May 24, 18:00

ArtFutura Brasil in O Tempo

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April 14, 14:00

ArtFutura Buenos Aires
MALBA - Museum of Latinoamerican Art at Buenos Aires - 22 to 26 April

More information and schedule at: Read more

March 9, 16:00

ArtFutura received the Special Prize Zoom Net at the ceremony of the Miradas 2008 Awards  (Spanish Television TVE) . Montxo Algora, director of ArtFutura, picked up the prize on behalf of the...

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February 20, 10:10

You can find further information on the the first edition of ArtFutura in Argentina at the the MALBA Museum. plus the call for entries at this link:
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January 30, 11:00

The first edition of ArtFutura in Argentina will take place this coming April in Buenos Aires at the the MALBA Museum.

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January 2, 12:00

ArtFtura at LABoral Gijón.
Since January 2nd. and until Friday 9th, the complete audiovisual program of ArtFutura's last edition will be shown at LABoral Art Center from Gijón.
More info and complete program at: Read more

October 26, 10:00

Sunday. Spore at ArtFutura 2008. An important focus of ArtFutura 2008 will be on the videogame section. Ocean Quigley, art director and right hand man of Will Wright, responsible for such successes as The Sims and...

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October 25, 09:00

Saturday. During his intervention in ArtFutura, Kevin Carpenter from Hanson Robotics will talk to us about Julio,...

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October 24, 10:00

Friday. Splash is an outstanding work of digital art that was considered the icon of Expo Zaragoza 2008. On Friday 24th, its creators and developers will give a presentation at ArtFutura.


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October 23, 20:30

Thursday. ArtFutura 2008 opens with the exclusive first showing in Spain of "The Pixar Story" .

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October 20, 09:00

The complete program ArtFutura 2008 is already available.

You can find an introduction of this year edition at Read more

October 6, 14:00

Last week of Máquinas&Almas (Souls&Machines) at  the Museo Reina Sofía - Madrid.


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July 15, 12:00

The Reina Sofía Museum has created a micro-site dedicated exclusively to the exhibition "Máquinas&Almas" (Souls&Machines).

It contains images, videos and complete information. The link is:...

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July 6, 10:00

Inaugurated the exhibition Máquinas&Almas (Souls&Machines) at the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid

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June 20, 11:00


Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Madrid
Next Opening: 26 of June
21:00 hours.

Further information at:

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May 6, 10:00

David Byrne in "Souls&Machines"
David Byrne is one of the 17 artists participating in the exhibition “Souls&Machines” that will open at the Read more

April 20, 12:00

Digital Art and New Media at the Reina Sofia Museum

On the 26th of June, at the Read more

November 6, 09:00

Saturday's Party at Espacio Movistar
EstacionFutura is ArtFutura's official party. With the participation of Read more

October 25, 18:00

ArtFutura Live Online connections with Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Ottawa (Canada) and Chicago (USA) in High Definition (Ultragrid).

With the collaboratión of Fundación i2CAT...

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October 18, 11:00

Ben Hibon is this year’s up-and-coming creator in the world of independent digital animation. His project "Codehunters"...

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October 17, 09:00

Little Big Planet - Special presentation on Sunday 28th of Media Molecule and its Little Big Planet, one of the first games that are clearly “new...

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March 31, 10:00

Opening at the Museum of Modern Art Zendai inShanghai of the exhibition ArtFutura in China.

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March 15, 10:00

ArtFutura and the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao will present between the  20th and the 25th of March, at the Museum's Auditorium, the latest edition of...

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January 10, 10:00

ArtFutura has finished its 2006 activities (ArtFutura, EstaciónFutura and Resfest) with more than 30.000 spectators. 

ArtFutura was shown at Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Murcia, Palma...

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