Artfutura 2009

Thursday, 29 October
17:00 - 22:00

"Arts Santa Mónica"

La Rambla 7
08002 Barcelona

18:00 hours - MP3 Experience - IMPROV EVERYWHERE
Mission organized by Improv Everywhere.

More information at Facebook.

19:00 hours - INAUGURATION at ARTS SANTA MONICA (Reception and cocktail)
More information at Exhibitions

20:30 hours - Live: The Space in Between by Nikka & Alba G. Corral
The Space in Between is a meeting of two disciplines that desire – and need – to enter into dialogue. An audiovisual project that displays IDM sonorous landscapes and abstract visual remnants. Nikka provides the music and Alba G. Corral, colors it. The two young artists work together on the same scenic plane so that image and music flow together.
Their performances are based on sensorial emotions of form and sound in creative abstract art and in an extremely personalized melancholic sound. 

Nikka at YouTube
Alba G. Corral

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