Artfutura 2011

Saturday, 22 October
21:00 - 00:00

"Connected - Opening"

A personal film with universal relevance, “Connected” explores how, after centuries of declaring our independence, it may be time for us to declare our interdependence instead.

Equal parts documentary and memoir, the film unfolds during a year in which technology and science literally become a matter of life and death for the director.

As Shlain’s father battles brain cancer and she confronts a high-risk pregnancy, her very understanding of connection is challenged.
Using a mix of animation, archival footage, and home movies, Shlain reveals the surprising ties that link us not only to the people we love but also to the world at large.
Trailer Connected

 “I hope that Connected will help create a global conversation about what it means to be connected in the 21st century. 

I believe that by engaging people to talk about connectedness in their own lives and in the world, the ripple effect of these conversations will have far reaching impact. 

Appreciating that this is a huge subject, I employ many tactics (humor, animation, archival, and my own personal story) to attempt to untangle what interdependence and connectedness mean in terms of the history of the human species and moving forward.

While the core components of humans desire to be “connected” have not changed since we first appeared on this planet, I believe a new zeitgeist is emerging through all these new technologies that are making our world smaller and more intertwined, and that that zeitgeist can make the world a better place”.

Tiffany Shlain (Director)

 “Connected suggests that a world that communicates more effectively can overcome the fragmentation and violence that have plagued the world”.

Ted Parks (Lipscomb University)

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