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ArtFutura 2012

Futura Graphics

38-39°C - Kangmin Kim
Paul Nicholls - Golden Age
DoYaThing - Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 - Jamie Hewlett
The Most Astounding Fact - Max Schlickenmeyer
Manhattan 4.33pm - Lizzie Oxby
Inception Park - Fernando Livschitz
Apocalypse Later, Surf Now - Keith Turner
Electric Stimulus to Body - Daito Manabe
Mimic - Lucio Arese
Form - Memo Akten, Quayola
I Wear No Underwear - Nico Casavecchia
Face to Facebook - Paolo Cirio
The Centrifuge Brain Project - Till Novak
The Gift - Carl E. Rinsch
How to eat your Apple - Erick Oh
Fischkopp - Alexander Dietrich, Dominic Eise, Johannes Flick


3D Futura Show

The People Who Never Stop - Florian Piento
A Morning Stroll - Grant Orchard
Exist - Tetsuka Niiyama
Age of Empires - Dana Dorian
Lumi - Jonathan Rodegher
The Eagleman Stag - Michael Please
Ruin - Wes Ball
The Chase - Philippe Gamer
Pure Funk - Marc Adamson
Fat - Gary Fouchy, Sebastien De Oliveira Bispo, Yohann Auroux Bernard
Abiogenesis - Richard Mans
Omerta - Nicolas Loudot, Fabrice Fiteni, Gaspard Roche, Arnaud Janvier


Just Lapsing Time

Portrait of Lotte - Frans Hofmeester
Ibiza Lights II - Jose A. Hervas
The City Limits - Dominic Boudreault
Sahara Wonderland - Dennis Stauffer
Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull - Sean Stiegemeier
Venice in a Day - Joerg Niggli
The City of Samba - Jarbas Agnelli, Keith Loutit
Stretching - François Vogel
Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes - Ross Ching
Traffic in Frenetic HCMC - Rob Whitworth
Pure Tuscany - Stefano Tinti
Time of my Life - Dan Hanna
Time is Nothing - Kien Lam
Points in Space - Benjamin Ducroz
Möbius - Benjamin Ducroz
Night Skies - T-Recs
Raw Lightscapes - Enrique Pacheco

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