What is ArtFutura?

What is ArtFutura?

Since January 1990, ArtFutura, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity, has explored the most interesting projects and ideas that have come up on the international panorama of New Media, Virtual Reality, Interactive Design and Digital Animation.

Its activities include:
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Interactive Installations
  • Live Performances.



The GaleriaFutura division promotes the most exhibitable aspects of the new digital creativity. From New Media to Virtual Reality.

Among its projects, there’s the large-scale exhibition “SoulsandMachines” shown at the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía in Madrid, which drew more than 450.000 visitors. And, more recently, “Digital Creatures”, exhibited in Rome.

Throughout these years, ArtFutura has shown that, at the beginning of this new millennium, art and science are following parallel paths.  And that, now more than ever, creativity finds in digital technology an extraordinary medium.

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