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11:00 . Vasava presents "Place". Sponsored by Caroche Jeans.
Vasava (E) .
CCCB, Hall

Vasava, the design studio from Barcelona, has devised the project PLACE, a blank travel book with 350 pages that will go around the world, becoming impregnated with the experiences and creative and artistic thoughts of 36 participating designers all over the world. A box with a book, a "blank" T-shirt and a video camera will be the baggage of each one of the two monthly destinations. PLACE will end up being a book, a web page, a film and an exhibition at the CCCB in October 2004. All made out from the materials provided by every PLACE's co-creators in the places visited during the project.

12:00 . 3D Spain

Rubén Algarra, (E) Wireframe
José Pozo (E), Filmax . Lorena Medina (E) . Paco Gisbert (E), Pasozebra . Moderado por Santi fort, IUA
CCCB, Hall

A wide representation of professionals from different areas including digital animation in Spain meet to discuss the state of the question in the last twelve months; specially outstanding projects, surprises and future prospects.

17:00 . The Outsiders

Hoogerbrugge (HOL) .
Rubén Cárdenas (E) .
Presentado por OFFF (E)
CCCB, Hall

The enigmatic Han Hoogerbrugge and the Spanish Rubén Cárdenas are two of the most heterodox and non-classifiable creators of interactives who nowadays are working on the Net. The world of Cárdenas is full of warm motifs completely removed from the usual geometric aesthetics on the Web. For his part, the small Flash pieces by Han Hoogerbrugge starring hieratic and hyperactive characters have jumped the boundaries of the Net and have turned him into one of the most recognizable artists of his generation.

18:00 . Sam Chen: Eternal Gaze

Sam Chen (EEUU) .
CCCB, Hall

ETERNAL GAZE implies a landmark in the history of independent digital animation. Almost everything is unusual in this production; from its format -sixteen minutes of images without dialogues, where the music carries the story- to the black and white images and its uncommon theme. Eternal Gaze is the story of the last nine years of the tortured Italian sculptor Alberto Giacometti. Awarded best short in Siggraph last year, Sam Chen's work represents the growing importance in the world of digital animation of the independent artists who work detached from the film industry structures.

19:00 . ESC - Matrix Reloaded . Matrix Revolutions

John Gaeta (EEUU) y Greg Juby (EEUU) .
CCCB, Hall

ESC is the company created by the Wachowski brothers and the visionary John Gaeta at the head to produce the complex work of visual effects in MATRIX RELOADED and MATRIX REVOLUTIONS. ESC's work in MATRIX trilogy is one of the most ambitious projects ever done on the redefinition of the film language through technology. John Gaeta, probably the figure who has exerted a greater impact on the world of visual effects in the last ten years, will review in this session the monumental journey involved in the production of three films which have changed both the history of modern science fiction and the aesthetics of American commercial cinema.

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