Conferences 2008

Artfutura 2008

Friday, 24 october


ArtFutura opens a new section dedicated to design and digital creativity. This section includes everything from architecture, industrial design, data visualization to creativity for Internet. Everything that makes use of the new digital tools.

and Héctor Ayuso bring us one of the most outstanding presentations from the last festival in Lisbon: Fallon UK.

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18:00 Room Mac

Program Collective

Pere Gifre / Ikonic Arts

Mona Kim, Todd Palmer, Olga Subirós and Simon Taylor (Program Collective) are the designers and directors of “Water for Life”, an exhibition created for Expo Zaragoza 2008 and made up of works of digital art among which “Splash” has stood out to the extent that it become the icon of the event.
In ArtFutura, Pere Gifre will talk about his involvement in the development of the VFX aspects of “Splash”, and other projects, through the use of programs that simulate the dynamics of fluids.

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19:00 Room Mac

Bestiario is one of the leading studios when it comes to the theme of data visualization. Over the last three years, they have used diverse business models that have always ended up at exactly the same point: the relationship between dogma and product.
During their intervention in ArtFutura, the members of Bestiario will present their most significant projects and talk about the different processes of exchange that they maintain with their clients.

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20:00 Room Mac
OFFF Presents: Fallon UK

OFFF Presenta

Fallon UK

The best of OFFF Lisbon comes to Barcelona thanks to ArtFutura. Héctor Ayuso, director and founder of OFFF (International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture), brings us one of the starring interventions of the festival’s last edition.
The creative team of Fallon UK will also be participating in ArtFutura 2008. Fallon UK is a Communication Group based in London that has a very clear objective: to become the most creative agency in the world.

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