ArtFutura 2016

From Virtual Reality to 3D Internet

ArtFutura 2016

Towards an Expanded Reality

ArtFutura will dedicate its next edition to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the transition to 3D Internet. 

If current trends hold, the Internet will evolve into a 3D space, and virtual worlds will become an integral part of human communication. More at: Virtual Reality 2016.

Audiovisual Program

The ArtFutura 2016 audiovisual program is shared by all the cities involved and includes the latest contributions in Digital Creativity.

3D Animations, Documentaries, Motion Graphics, Special Effects, Virals, PlayGround … and beyond.


Audiovisual Program

Premiere ArtFutura 2016

The Premiere of ArtFutura 2016 is presented, generally, in the opening night of the festival and includes the best and most impressive of the program of the year: 3D Futura Show, Futura Graphics, Artworks, Towards an Expanded Reality, Feeding the Web

A perfect introduction to the new visual, aesthetic and graphic trends of ArtFutura 2016 .

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version. 

Reality… What a Concept!

From Virtual Reality to Expanded Reality. A special program on the theme of the year. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in films, video games, art, music, animation, education and storytelling.

Including segments on the recent work of Mediamonks, Tippet Studios, Arnold Abadie, John Carmack, Sentient Flux, Keiichi Matsuda, “Uncanny Valley”, Clyde DeSouza, Pattie Maes, Xavier Benavides and Judith Amores (MIT Media Lab).

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version. 

3D Futura Show

Each year, the 3D Futura Show includes the international leading works in computer animation and reflects the evolution, both technical and in content, of this new creative field.

Works by large studios, specialized schools and graphic freelancers. Everything has a place in this genre that surprises us every year with its originality and technical capability.

Including new shorts by Studio Smack, James Cunningham, Seccovan, Tomer Eshed, Bose Collins, Camille Chaix, Hugo Jean, Juliette Jourdan, Marie Pillier, Kevin Roger and others.

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version. Subtitled in Spanish.

Futura Graphics

Futura Graphics attempts to highlight annually the most brilliant works in the field of new aesthetics: Digital animations, experimental shorts, videoclips and mixed works in the pursuit of new languages.

A selection thet centers on originality and versatility.

With works by Aardman Studios, Moth, Julius Horsthuis, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Kris Merc, Hannes Knutsson and others.

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version in English. Subtitled in Spanish.


A section dedicated to performance, new media installations and other interactive environments through video.

The new recording and editing systems, increasingly more sophisticated, provide us with new ways to document these works and to go beyond the experience of direct contemplation.

With works by WOW Inc., Théoriz, Sila Sveta Studio, Squidsoup, Stain & Lazyfish, Patrick Shearn and Daniel Canogar.

Duration: 30 minutes. Original Version in English. 

Feeding the Web

A new release of this program dedicated to those messages and audiovisual works produced directly for the Web.

A new type of material made exclusively for online viewing.

Including works by Moth, Jim Mortleman, Josan, Gabriel Garcia, David Sandberg, Jonathan Djob Nkondo and many others.

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version in English. 


PlayGround is a new medium that speaks to a new generation. They communicate the news in a creative and unapologetic way.

With more than 9 million followers on Facebook, their videos are mini-documentaries ferociously quick and designed to be consumed by the smartphone and to be viralized immediately.

At ArtFutura we wanted to show the videos that we feel closer to our themes: Art, Technology, Videogames, rights on the Internet, Digital Culture, the Future

Duration: 30 minutes. Original Version in English.


Lo and Behold

Reveries of the Connected World

Legendary master filmmaker Werner Herzog examines the past, present and constantly evolving future of the Internet. Includes interviews with cyberspace pioneers and prophets such as Tesla co-founder Elon Musk, Internet protocol inventor Bob Kahn, and famed hacker Kevin Mitnick.

Duration: 1 hour and 38 minutes. Original Versión in English. Only at selected centers.


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