What does it mean to be human?

Humanized Technology

ArtFutura 2018 / 2019


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ArtFutura 2018 / 2019

Humanized Technology

What does it mean to be human in the age of technology? And does digital technology adapt to our real aspirations and needs or is it the other way around?

Perhaps we are heading towards a more friendly, more empathic and more human world? Or are we going in the opposite direction?

With the technological revolution, the Internet and social networks, we have fostered the intimate possibilities of the self, but we have also developed technologies such as Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality that may allow us to create extended, more perfect, compassionate and empathetic communication networks between people.

And to understand this new symbiosis between humanity and technology, art is a crucial element.

The network of artists and researchers Collaboration for Humane Technologies affirms that “at the heart of our creative action is the conviction that to generate viable futures we must critically rethink technological progress in favor of a posthumanism that is neither anti-human nor exclusively to sustain the human life, as we know it today”.

+: Humanized Technololgy

The new ArtFutura edition will start in Autumn in more than 20 cities, with special activities in London, Ibiza, Madrid and Alicante.

Audiovisual Program

Premiere ArtFutura

The Premiere of ArtFutura is usually presented on the opening night of the festival and includes selections of the best and most impressive works of the programs: 3D Futura Show, Futura Graphics, Artworks, Behind the Scenes and Schools.

With works by WOW Inc., Alex Popescu, Ouchhh, Dmitry Zakharov, Dusan Kastelic…

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version. English.

3D Futura Show

Every year, the 3D Futura Show presents the most outstanding international works of computer animation and reflects on the evolution, both technical and in content, of this creative field. A program that surprises us every year with its originality and technical capability. Including new animations by Goodbye KansasJulius Horsthuis, Maxim Zhestkov, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss, Mads Broni, Simon Christoph Krenn. Nicolas Deveaux, Besjan Sertolli, Peter Tomaszewicz, Laurent Witz y Dusan Kastelic.

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version: English.

Futura Graphics

Futura Graphics highlights the most brilliant shorts in the field of new aesthetics: digital animations, experimental shorts, videoclips and mixed works in the pursuit of new languages.

With works by Alex Popescu, Lubomir Arsov, Nexus Studios, WOW Inc., Substance,  Klub Simon, Michael Enzbrunner, Serjan Burlak, Mike Mort...

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version: English. 

Behind the Scenes

A new section dedicated to the “Making ofs”. Those mini documentaries that expose the secrets behind the magic of special effects and 3D animation..

Including pieces on the works of ManvsMachine, Goodbye Kansas, Wow Inc., Mikros Image y otros. 

Duration: 30 minutes. Original Version: English. 


Digital Art, New Media, Virtual Reality, Dance, Performance…

The Artworks program shows new forms of documenting the digital creativity of our time. And it does so by generating new ways of experiencing and feeling the artistic experience.

Works by Teamlab, WOW, Ouchhh, h0nh1m…. and others.

Duration: 30 minutes. Original Version: English. 

Schools Futura

A section dedicated to the best recent works of schools around the world. From 3D to special effects and motion graphics.

Selected schools from France, Denmark, Canada, United States… Including ESMA, ISART, Gobelins, Ringling College of Art and Design, The Animation Workshop, New3DGE, MOPA,  Rubika….

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version.


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